Letters To Niall

When Carter Rose is having problems and not even her best friend Chloe can talk to her she decides to try a pen pal. Little did she know that itwould make her end up in a sintuation like this.


1. Chapter 1

Carter's POV

"Ms. Rose you can come in now," I stood up and nodded. I can't believe that Chloe is making me do this. So what if I'm having problems, I can handle it. It's my life! The woman opened the big glass door and held it open for me. I walked inside there was a woman with blond hair, glasses, she looked formal. she looked mean. I don't like her.

"Ms. Rose?" She asked me, taking of her glasses. I nodded. "Take a seat," I hesitaded but did. "Do you know why your here?" I nodded. I really dont want to talk to her. "Explain to me, what has been going on," she folded her hands together.

"I don't want to talk about it," i looked out the windows behind her. I don't want to make eye contact with her either.

"Ms. Rose, in order to leave here you need to cooperate. And I can tell you want to leave, just by looking at me you hate me. So, cooperate and we can both leave," She said sternly.

I sighed. She's right, I do want to leave. "It's nothing really, I just...I've had feeling where I can trust no one. And no one understands me. I feel like I'm the outcast and everyone judges me," She nodded and wrote something in her note book.

"I know that's not all," She said looking up at me.

"I don't want to tell anyone," She looked at her note book then back at me.

"What if you told someone you don't know? Someone you probably never met and never will?" I raised my eyebrow confused

"What do you mean?" She set her pen down. "Have you ever considered a pen pal?"


Niall's POV

"Please know that we care about you and that's the only reason why we are making you do this," Zayn said. I really don't want to see a councilor. So what if I've been a little depressed because of all the hate towards me? I relly just want to lay down in bed all day, only getting up to eat and get a beer. I've been drinking away the pain.

"We just don't want you to be so depressed al lthe time, your our mate and we don't want you do be drunk all the time," Liam added. I sighed. I wonder if someone else is going through this right now

"What ever, let's just go," I got out of the car.

"Do you want us to go with you?" asked Louis. I shook my head. If I have to do this I'm doing this alone. I closed the door and walked inside. I really don't want to be here.

"Mr. Horan?" A male voice called. I looked over to him. I nodded.

"Come with me," he said. I sighed and walked behind him. There was a huge glass door. The man opened the door let me in. There was a polished wooden  desk and a woman sitting behind it.

"Mr. Horan, please take a seat ," I nodded and did. The man closed the door, and she leaned forward forward. "Listen I know you don't want to be here, I know that you already don't like me, but we need to get you out of this depressed state," I sighed. She seemed mean.

"I don't want to talk to anyone," She sat back . She logged onto her computer. "Well will you consider talking to someone you don't know? You probably never met, will never meet. Have  you ever considered a pen pal?" A pen pal? When I was smaller I wanted to try getting a pen pal but never did it. And now that I can I don't want to. I shook my head.

"No," I said as she typed on her computer. She clicked a button and the printer started up, out came a paper.

"Here" she handed me the paper, "This is the address you will be writing to, Please be respectful" I took the paper and stood up . I love the lads, and they wanted me to do this so I better do it.

"Thanks," I mumbled. I walked out the door, I looked at the paper. Yeah, we haven't been to that state so I've neever met this person probably. I hope this will work.

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