Truly, madly, deeply in love

Bella is one direction's biggest fan. Watching their video diaries and performances is her only escape from her super strict mom and new stepdad (not that that was new). But she soon finds her new stepdad to be very interesting, especially when she finds out that he works as a important crew member in all the one direction performances!


1. my life so far

Oh, no. Mum is coming, she made a new boyfriend, again. Since my dad died, she has been trying to find me a new "dad" for me. The men she brings home are all jerks. So tonight I meet a guy named Edward. At least he has Harry's middle name so it's not so bad. Apparently he's gonna be my new dad, but nobody can replace my biological dad. Even though he passed away, doesn't mean he can be replaced. Before he died, he was my happy place, when he passed away, I felt so lonely. I was always in my room watching TV, then in 2010 i was watching The X Factor and I found my new happy place, One direction, if you know what I mean. Obviously, it didn't replace the empty feeling in my stomach, but I have gotten better since then. I grew to love One direction so much, they've helped me so much with my self-confidence and they are the only reason I laugh every day.

"I'm home!" my mother chanted, as she does every time a new man comes into the house, but it doesn't last long though. The hitting and yelling usually starts about a week after her boyfriend moves in. The worst part is she doesn't yell and hit him, instead she takes it all out on us, kids, it's like a ritual. There's me, my little sister Autumn, and my little brother Sam.

"Hi!" I call back trying not to sound annoyed.

"Come here, there's someone I want you to meet!" I go down the stairs to greet Edward. I have to say he's a pretty handsome man, at least he looks clean and healthy.

"Hello there young lady, nice to meet you. I'm Edward, what's your name, sweetie?" Wow a charmer, nice going mum.

"Hi, I'm Bella." I say, trying not to be welcoming, but not doing a very good job at it. From what I saw, though, he wasn't that bad. He was probably the most decent looking man who walked in this house, apart from my dad obviously. They went into the kitchen, and I went back into my room, feeling kind of uncomfortable at the sound of their smooching. 

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