Cutting Off Your Supply

This was written at a time of particular confusion/adversity earlier this year it's fairly self pitying but also deals with self discovery.


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I see what I should only hear

And hear only what I say, but not what I'm told

I've found the answer which I need

As I long and cry

For just a moments more time

I reflect to no longer lay blame in another's direction

Having this key to open the wrong door

These dark times lead me to sorrow

Just an empty hollow existence

It can't always be the fault of the creator

When what's been created is faulty

As the one who came next was all they hoped he'd be

This has led me to admit

Admit, that I no longer feel, possess emotion, or sentiment

I am only touched by the unknown

By the dreams of the dying breed 

I can only feel what I scribe

Ruling out anything outside of my  control

I ponder if I'll find my life after death

As while there's blood in these bones my death prolongs

Only I can change the tune

Nobody is aware of what I have to give

Least not myself

Allowing myself to lose all that is irreplaceable

Whilst gaining nothing

The time for change I will hail

And pray, for all that is good to prevail

Because I can no longer my own defeat

As I am just defeating all I could gain

Cutting off my supply

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