Love that never ends

Wen Alyssa moves to london she doesen't expect meeting Harry Styles from one direction.And she doesen't expect to fall in love with him and become ms.styles :) BTW it's my first fanfic so be nice and if there are some mistakes don't get mad i'm only human.


1. london !!

Alyssa's P.O.V

i can't believe i'm moving to london i shouted with joy.


The plane ride was oke i guess the guy next to me was eathing chicken and i hated chicken.But overall the plane ride was oke . The view of london was so pretty i still can't believe i'm moving to london.

At the airport i got a taxi ride to the apartment i'm staying at.

Harry's P.O.V

Mate did you hear about the girl moving in next door loui said. No i din't i anserd curious?

Then we heard a car pull over zayn looked out the window i think it's her he shouted .

Evrey body went out side to meet her .

ALyssa's P.O.V

I saw some boys run outside of the apartment next door they were realy cute . But one cut my eye .He had curly brown hair green eyes you get lost in forever. And a perfect smile .Thanks i said to the taxi cab and payed him . I stepped out of the car and went to meet the boys . Hi i'm Alyssa i said with a freindly smile . Hi i'm louis and i'm liam and i'm zayn and i'm niall and i'm harry and were one direction.Omg i heard about you guys once you guys sing live while were young right? Yup harry said .I couldn't take my eyes of him  he was just  so ... Hey Alyssa louis said. I freaked out for a second and said quick yeah wat's wrong . do you wanna go to this amazing place we know were you get amazing food louis said. Yeah i would love to i said . oke then get dressed and meet you in an hour here harry said . Sure see you in an hour .

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