The Girl Who Danced With Death

I have worked on this for a while to hopefully get it as good as I can make it, though as with all my other work, I gladly accept any constructive criticsm so it can improve. It's my first stab at poetry on this site and I have tried hard. It's definitely not perfect, so please could you take some time from your day to tell me what you think of it. Thank you very much!


1. The Girl Who Danced With Death

The girl came, when twilight fell,

While the rest of the world slept a dreamless sleep

She waited impatiently beneath the bath of moonlight

And then He arrived

His embrace made her shiver,

Like the bane of winter’s soft caress,

Tender, like the graze of his scythe across her neck

And his skeletal fingers brushing her cheek

The embers spat through the autumn night,

As they twirled and span with shadows mimicking

His robe billowing in the wind like the tongues of the hearth

And her cheeks bitterly red, gnawed by the cold

He was Death

The Grim Reaper

And she a lowly girl, with haggard eyes and a heavy heart

So much she’d seen, so much she’d endured

She welcomed him with open arms

Oh, how much pain and sorrow there was in the world,

She thought, as the dancing continued still,

What a relief it would be

To let it all go

She stood on the tips of her frozen toes

And whispered in Death’s ear

Something incomprehensible and quiet, like the patter of rain

The words slipping from her tongue

The figure nodded, as they swayed back and forth

In time with the rhythm that only they could hear,

The dancing slowed and so did her heart

Thanks escaping from her blue lips

Death came to a halt and let the girl fall to the ground

As the stars above twinkled and shone

The last breaths left her heaving body

And with Death she gladly departed, to where she could no longer be hurt

The next morning the sun rose

And a dead girl laid there, her body strewn across the floor

To all passers-by it was a tragedy

Though to those who knew, she was the girl who danced with death

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