Forgetting is So Hard to Do (sequel to The Direction Love Travels In)

Sequel to The Direction Love Travels In. Takes place 6 months after Kaylynn's death. It shows how each individual character changes and moves on. For some it's harder to do. And it's the ones you least expect. Kaylynn finally earns her wings. And Louis and Bella advance their relationship


1. The Future Of Us

Louis and Bella lay on the couch together. The heated on full blast and they cuddled close together in front of the television. Louis smiled and began kissing her neck.

Bella giggled "stop boo" she begged playfully.

Louis stopped and smiled as he kissed her cheek. "I love you." he smiled.

Bella smiled and kissed his hand that was wrapped around her. "I love you too she replied.

Harry walked in and the sight broke his heart. But he smiled wide "hey cuties" he teased.

Harry knew that he would never get Bella back because she was deeply in love with Louis. So he decided to try and move on and pretend he didn't care. They groaned playfully in response.

"you're so immature... You're twenty three now Harry so act like it!" Louis teased.

Harry laughed "I will never grow up!" he exclaimed as he grabbed an apple off the counter. "well I'll leave you two love birds alone.." he trailed off down the stairs.

Bella rolled her eyes and laughed. "what a teaser he is" she commented.

Louis laughs. "hey well I'm happy that he's finally smiling and not trying to murder me" he joked.

Bella playfully shoved Louis "youre funny" she said sarcastically.

Her wrists were clearing up. She hadn't cut for almost six months now.

Louis chuckled " whaaaat?" he asked with a smile.

Bella shook her head playfully and leaned on his Shoulder.

" how about you and me go out tonight?" he asked.

Louis was so proud of Bella. he was so happy that he was helping her get over her disorder. Louis had decided that now, after almost 8 months of dating, that he was going to make it official. He was going to propose to her tonight. he loved her and only her.

"of course" she smiled as she clicked through different channels.

  Louiswrapped his arms around her and kissed her cheek. "god i love you" he repeated.

bella blushed. "godddd i love you too" she replied mimicking his tone and his accent.

louis laughed. "pretty good imitation you got there.." he smiled.

Bbella smirked. "thanks love its fun ta do....CARROTS!" she said imitating his voice still.

louis laughed. "you sound just like me! and heyyy i don't say that mature now" he replied with his head held high.

bella laughed. "oh okayy mature...." she said sarcastically. "hey ive always wanted to know.....what ever happened to kevin?" bella asked with a curious tilt of her head. Louis let go of her and dramatically turned away.

"i dont want to talk about it.." he said with a false tone of sorrow.

bella giggled. "youre so weird but i love you" she smiled.

louis loved it when she said those three words. it sent a series of tingles from the tip of his toes to the top of his head. that's how he knew he wanted to be with her. she made him feel happy, and he felt that he could be himslef and not the idolized louis tomlinson everyone else saw him as. bellas saw louis for who he was on the inside and out. louis smiled and turned back to her he put his hand under her chin and pulled her into his kiss. he kissed her softly placing his hands on her cheeks. she kissed him back with a smile agaist her lips. as he slowly pulled away, bella looked at him with hearts in her eyes. she has never felt so in love.

louis dragged her all the way to the beach. it was a freezing February night so louis had goven her his sweatshirt. he brought her to the shore.

"what are we doing here boo? its soo cold." she shivered.

Louis smiled and handed her a jewelry box. Bella gleamed as she opened it and found a gold bracelet with something engraved on it. She took it out and examined it closely

"will you marry me" she read as Louis got down on one knee and opened another small box.

It took Bella a moment to understand what had just happened she smiled wide.

"Bella I love you with all of my heart and nothing less. Please Marry me.I.promise I make you the happiest woman on. Earth and give you all of my love!" Louis proposed.

Bella nodded her head. "You already have made me the happiest girl I the world! Yes of course!" She cheered. Louis put the ring on her finger and stood up smiling wide. Bella hugged him tightly. "I love you so much Louis" she whispered in his ear

"I love you too" he replied.

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