Ooh god



1. Ooh boy

i don't remember my family my mom died I'm a car accident and my dad just left when I was 14 iv been living in the care home ever since.I am now 17 I am emo/ scene I have k9 bites and a septum and a round piercing along with 00 g tapers I have red hair with black underneath as for make up I do a totally scene style.
I was doing my hair when a very rude care worker barged in
Me: bitch what the fuck it's call knocking!!!!!
Worker: don't use that attitude now, a old family memer is coming to get you, it said I'm your mums will that when you turn 18 you can go live with your uncle Paul...
Me: thank the fucking gods
Worker: now pack your bags, he will be here tomorrow
With that she left. Great how am I supposed to pack all of this by tomorrow! Jeez.
Okay I'm all packed got my make up my cloths my shoes every thing. I went out in the hall and my best friend kay was standing there. I went and I hugged her
Me: omy god I'm going to miss you, tank you for every thing.
Kay: Ill miss you
I heard a car horn beep out side and I left. I went p to the black SUV and saw my uncle and weakly smiled he came to help me with my bags
Uncle: just so you know my work means traveling LOTS and I'll be very busy. And I do not appreceate that shirt your whirring
I just laughed and went and got in to the front of that car. I put more makeup on because it was fading away
?: why are you whirring so much makeup
Uncle: watch your mouth. These are the boys I work with called one direction.
Omyfuckinggod I HATE one direction
Boy: WHAT'S on your wrists?
Me: shit- OH that's what- okay never mind I got my wrists pierced om what's your names?
Boy: that's not what I was talkin about and I'm Liam this is zayn that's Louis Niall and Harry
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