Year Of The Forgotten

Baylie Winters is 19 years old and a huge directioner. Her favorite out of the band is Niall. She has a bit in common with him to. They both have forgotten someone important in there lives and they don't even realize it. Baylie wins a contest to spend the YEAR with one direction. This will be the year of the forgotten.


1. Prolouge



Flashback to Semtember 13th 1993


*Thrid Person P.O.V.*

   It's a windy night tonight. Today is the 13th of  September 1993. At the Mullingar hospital Mrs.Horan an Mrs.Winters are in the same delivery room getting ready to give birth. They've learned some information about each other so far and decieded they should become friends because they make each other laugh.

   They forced their husbands to switch numbers and addresses. Mr.Horan and Mr.Winters did it without a second thought. They weren't going to disobey a pregnant lady who's about to give birth and looks like she could kill you at any given moment. Would you?

   The 2 doctors swiftly walked into the delivery room and started the delivery. I'm not going into details because that is something that makes me gag to write about. So it's like a bla a bla and a bla. Then presto 2 babies are born. 3 minutes apart.


Niall James Horan

Born: Semptember 13th 1993 at 2:15 PM

Weight: 8 pounds 3 ounces

Height: 17 inches


Baylie Elizabeth Winters

Born: Semptember 13th 1993 at 2:18 PM

Weight: 7 pounds 1 ounce

Height: 15 inches


Those were the 2 beautiful babies that were born and soon grew up together as best friends.


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