Keeping Secrets

Clover Waterdale. At 16 years of age she has many secrets to keep. Secrets from her past, present, friends, family, and from herself. She has a secret and no one can find out. If they do they'll all act differently. No one can know this secret. Not one person. But what happens when someone does find out?


1. Prolouge



          My name is Clover Waterdale, I'm 16 years old. My hair is dark brown, it's silky and shiny. My eyes are something else though. They're a mix between brown, green, and blue. Like they're all swirled together. Some people think I'm mysterious and bad ass, but I only keep that image so no one will find out my secrets. I've never been close to someone. 

       I shouldn't have to be close to someone. I can't because if I do they'll just tell the world my secret and I'll become the center of attention. I think of it as a gift not a secret. Not many people have this gift. Only about 5 people in the whole world have it. I would like to meet those people to find out how they live with it. But I have no clue on where to find them or who they are.

       Now let's get off of that subject, I go to the Cambridge High School in Philadelphia, Pa. It's around there somewhere. It might not exactly be in Philadelphia, but that's how I say it. I'm just like any other normal person. I get teased and bullied in school. It's normal. But they can't see what I see. If they did, they would be completely different. I wish I could tell you what it is but then you'll just tell someone.

     Maybe if I trust you enough I'll tell you. If you're wondering then yes I have a crush like any sane teenage girl. No it's not on some popular boy. Well maybe he's consider popular since the school always talks about him. In a good way though. But no one talks to him face-to-face because they're to scared. I wouldn't blame them. 

     I think I'm the only one with this crush on him. His name is Jacob Reeds. He does boxing and he's damn good at it. He's never lost a match. He's got strong arms with a toned chest. There's a scar on is right cheek but that's what makes him even more sexy. His eyes are a bright deep green color with a hint of blue  in speckles form. His hair is brown and very attractive looking. It looks windswept. 

    I'm a B and C student in school. I could do better but it's difficult when you have a gift like mine. I think it's time to tell you what my gift is. I have the gift of knowing when and how someone will die. But theres a catch I have no clue when I'll die. It's as if every time I look at someone and ask myself how they'll die, I get the exact date, time, place, and how. It's scary really, but I've learned not to be afraid because I could help them if I wanted to. 

   Now that you know, you have to swear to not tell ANYBODY. 


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