In The End

Some say the world will end in fire, others say in ice but what happens when niether happens. A zomie apocalypse happens no fire nor ice just zombies hungry for human flesh. Three girls havbe been preping for when this day to happen and to their suprise it does.


1. Chapter One

"Maya, Jez, can you help me make some more arrows?" I asked my two friends.

"Riv, we have about 3 thousand I think we're good." Jez said with a laugh.

"Fine. Lets buy some more amo for the guns then."

The two of them agreed. We walked out of our house and into Jez's truck. Then we were off to the hunting store. We got alot more amo and by a lot I mean three containers. We got three more guns and three more bows. Not the things you put in your hair or on presents the things you use to shoot stuff. We loaded everything back into the car and drove home.

We brought every thing inside and started to pack every thing. Wait I better tell you what we are doing. We are preparing for the apocalypse. People call us crazy but we believe that it will happen. We divided up all the amo. There is one for each, and five extra. We filled up our old school bags. We each took our bows and divided up the arrows. We have five extra bows and guns. Maya brought the pocket knifes in. I got two, Maya got two and Jez got two. Again still had extra. Time to pack food. Eight backpacks full of food that will not spoil.

All of us carried the bags and put them into the truck. I'm keeping my bow & arrows with me at all times. We are prepared for the apocalypse. Who knows how long we will last but at least we will have a better chanse of surrvivel.


(A/N well I got bored so this is what happend....I hope you guys like it.)

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