How the Hunger Games Started

This is about a time before the hunger games. This is how the hunger games started. It is different to how the book says.


10. Training Begins

That night in my cell, as Adams fingers are interlocked with mine, I think about how fortunate I am. After I have entered into the games, where death is certain, I won't have to worry about my family being picked. Adam's story is different, he has much to worry about.

The thoughts circle my head until sunlight seeps in through the piece of fabric covering the opening in my cell. 

"Wake up!" A deep voice mumbles. "Time to train!" 

I push the sheet behind me and stand, ready to change. I am presented with a plain jumpsuit, bearing the number 11 on the breast pocket. Everyone else seems to be dressed in an identical fashion. I find a ribbon inside the pocket and use it to tie my hair after I have braided it down my back. Without a mirror to even glance at, I do not know how to feel, I do not feel confident. 

"You look beautiful." Adam grins holding the plait in his hand and stroking the strands under the ribbon. "Just be careful today, please." I nod in agreement before we are led away to the training room. 

It is not a grand place, but it is obvious that it has not been used before. Created specifically for this purpose. 

A woman stands at the entrance holding a clipboard. 

"Name?" She says, robotically. 

"Aria Williahm" I reply. 

She points to the line of tributes and I walk to meet them. Standing next to Freya, I see the damage this ordeal has caused. Her eyes are red from crying and her cheeks tear stained. 

I put my arm around her shoulder slowly. 

"Freya." She acknowledges me but barely says a word. 

Suddenly the woman with the clipboard appears on the platform, animated. 

"Welcome!" She shouts like she thinks we can't hear her properly. 

"This is training day, you only get two days of training, so make the most of it! And yeah, that's all!" 

I raise my eyebrows in disbelief, is that all?

"Oh yeah, and try not the argue with the other tributes, it creates enemies for the arena!" She makes a face at me as if to say, oh I wouldn't like to be in your position. 

I try to walk towards her, to say something. No. Shout or scream. I picture myself in the arena, with her as my enemy. Adam clamps his hand down hard on my shoulder. 
"No!" He says sternly. 

I sigh, sometimes I lose sight of what's important, when my temper takes over. 

As the tributes run to the various stations around the room, to learn important skills, I take a moment to take this all in. Over in the far corner of this huge room I see a crowd of Capitol citizens. Snow, Crane, Herald and...Scarlet!?

Her face is panic stricken. A scar runs down for her temple to the bottom of her chin. It wasn't there before. As she finally notices my presence, I start to run towards her, eager to find out what happened, if I was the reason for her injury. 

She mouths something urgently at me. But I don't know what it is. It is only until I am face to face with her, almost close enough to touch, that I see the words her lips are forming. 

"Watch Out! It's a force-field!"


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