Unexpectedly in Love

Madison had a hard life and an abusive father and boyfriend. Shes a singer and is very good. Her best friend Britt enters in a One Direction opening act competition. Does she win? Does she get out of her abusive relationship? Does she meet the love of her life? Or does her life get worse.


2. The email.

Britts POV

I knew Madison would never enter that contest, but I could for her... can't I? I mean she said that SHE would never enter, but she didn't say anything about ME entering for her. When I got home I grabbed my computer and made a privet Youtube channel and added One Direction as a contact so they were the only ones who could see the videos. I have a lot of videos of her singing because thats all she ever does. Most of the time I'm secretly recording her because she hates it when I record her. I added the videos. Now all I have to do is write the entry for in an email. There were some questions that head to be entered in the email. I decided to make it professional, but fun to read. I started writing. 

To: One Direction

From: Britt

Subject: Not me but my friend. Contest 

Hello! My name is Britt. But this email isn't about me. This is about my best friend Madison Talley. Madison is an amazing singer. I linked the videos at the bottom of this email. She self taught herself to play guitar and has been playing since she was 10. She has also playing violin since fourth grade. She is 17 and in her last year in high school. All she does is sing and if I remember correctly she has entered 14 singing competitions and won 13 and got second in 1. Her Dad used to abuse her, but hasn't in about a year. But i'm pretty sure someone else is. She always tells me she doesn't know what she would do with her life if she didn't have singing. She is so carefree, fun, loving, funny and a lot of other things. Everyone loves her and to be around her. She always thinks of everyone else before her self. She needs to get away from her negative home. Please contact her and me (her emails below) if she gets in. Thank you and have a great day!xoxo ~Britt.

Before I pressed send I texted Madison to make sure she isn't entering she replied no. I pressed send. I felt kind of bad, but I knew she'd thank me later. 

Nialls POV.

I went on to the indox of our Youtube account and one email really stuck out. I have no idea why, but it just did. I called the boys into the room and read them the email. "Who's it from?" Louis asked me. "A girl named Britt about her best friend Madison." I replied. After we read the email I clicked on one of the many videos. I pressed play. I heard a girl say in the background, "What are you going to be playing?" And who I guess was Madison said, "Little things by One Direction." She picked up a guitar and began to sing. "Oh... My... God." I Said quietly. She's amazing! We watched a few more videos before I finally turned around and said "I like her." "And she's hot." Harry said. We all agreed. The entering ended today and we were announcing the winner. I hope we all agree on her. "Did any of you notice her cheek had a bruise on it?" Liam asked. "Well in the email Britt said that she thinks someone is abusing her, but it isn't her dad." I replied.  I was concerned for her. It was late so the boys went to bed but I continued to watch videos of her. I need to meet her, i thought. I need to know her. I want to at least help her. She looked stunning in every video even with the bruises, long brown wavey hair and big, huge brown eyes. I feel weird. Like I knew her or met her once. I had a good feeling about her. A very good one. She just need help getting there. I'm going to meet her weather I meet her or not. I can't describe how I felt. I guess determined, but also like I need her in my life. Something was right. I fell asleep listening to her. Thinking about her. I can't wait to meet her.

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