Attack of the Fanged Flame Breathing Potato Monster

All was well in Zucchiniville, when all of a sudden Zain Zucchini was abducted by a large brown blob. Who was behind this plot? Why are they attacking? Where will they strike next?


1. Prologue

     It was a warm, sunny day in Zucchiniville, with just the right amount of carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight entering the town to provide the ideal conditions for photosynthesis, so that the individual zucchini could make enough sugars to grow and produce offspring; as a result, the Zucchiniville hospital was especially busy that day, with patients from the maternity suites overflowing into the lobby and out the doors, leaving many to give birth to their baby zucchini on the pavement, bitterly cursing the budget cuts that had caused the hospital to downsize and shrink from 500 birthing suites to a mere 10.  In doing so, the angry mothers released a stifling amount of oxygen into the air, so much in fact that the once-ideal conditions quickly became deadly to the carbon dioxide dependent organisms, and if someone had held an open, empty bottle up in the air, it would have been filled with this oxygen, and the owner of the bottle would have then held a weapon of mass destruction in his or her hands.  And it is on this lovely note that our story begins.


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