His Dream Girl

This story will be in your POV(point of view) it is about Justin Bieber falling in love with a normal highschool girl. Oh and by the way when I type *yn* that means your name! Well he falls in love with you, but then Selena Gomez butts in and ruins EVERYTHING! You will have to read more to find out what happens next!


1. Just another Monday


I hear my alarm go off: "as long as you love me we could be starving we could be homeless we could be broke!" Ughh just another awful Monday. Where I had to get up and go to school. Or what I like to call Hell. All the boys were hideous. I wish people who looked like Justin Bieber went to our school. *sigh* oh that reminds me! We are getting a new kid today at school named Justin! If only that was Justin Bieber. "*yn* it's time to go!"
My mom screamed from downstairs. "Ok! Coming!"
I screamed back. Once I got to school I met up with my best friend Alice. "So *yn* you excited to meet the new kid?!" "Ehh not really, he's probably just as bad as every other boy." "Hey! Derek isn't that bad!" She protested. Derek was her boyfriend. And she was right. He was pretty cute. "Yeah I guess so." I replied. "Well I'll see you after class!" She said. "Bye!" I screamed back. I walked to my class. Apparently Justin was gonna be there. Who would come in the middle of their Senior Year? Whatever, maybe he's cute! I thought. As I walked in, I saw all the familiar faces. I guess he wasn't here yet. "Ok class take your seats!" The teacher yelled. Of course there's an empty seat next to me. That means Justin will be sitting next to me. "Alright guys I would like to introduce all of you to our newest student, Justin!"
The teacher said. We all looked up from our desks and to all of our surprise it was the one and only. Justin Drew Bieber.
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