Babysitting Baby Lux

Avery's Pearson's eighteenth birthday is not going how she imagined it to be. The bills are increasing, while her mother's health is deteriorating, and to top it all off she is now officially homeless. With no where to go and no idea what to do, Avery packs up their sparse belongings and rents a room at a local motel, where she finds a baby wandering down the corridor, only this is no ordinary baby, it's Baby Lux, as in One Direction's Baby Lux, Baby Lux. When Avery's offered a deal she can't refuse, will she be willing to leave her mother behind, just so she can pay the medical bills and build a new life? Who knows? A lot can happen when you're babysitting Baby Lux...


1. Prologue

Dread fills the pit of my stomach as I watch the builders erect the sign that will change my life forever. Eleven little letters that have a greater impact than I have ever dared to imagine.


There, I said it. Now are you ready to learn how I got to this point? Let me warn you, it’s not a pretty story. You see, my family’s never been wealthy by any means, so it’s not as if our house itself was anything significant. A small living room with a pull-out sofa that served as my mother’s bed, a minuscule cooking area that doubled as our dining room, a single box-like bedroom— my bedroom— and a bathroom across the hall made up our home. It was all I've ever known, and now it’s gone. To some it might not have been much, and sure, I never bothered to have company over for fear of ridicule, but there was never a single moment I didn't appreciate everything my mother did to support me.

Even when she was diagnosed.

If there’s one birthday I’ll never forget, it’s my seventeenth; the day I found out. At first I wept like any other child with a potentially terminally ill parent would, but since then I’ve learned to deal with it; I learned how to take care of my mother and help us survive. Fast forward a year to today, my eighteenth birthday, and you’ll see me standing; lost, homeless, and with a mother on the verge of death.

If only I knew my savior would come in the form of a boy band, and their baby.

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