love conquers all; even time

we all know the classic tradgedy of Romeo and his lover Juliet but what happens after people move on from their death's.....
the year is 1996 and Isabella is the only descendant of Juliet Capulet. and isabella thinks that there is a curse on her family because of how much Romeo and Juliet loved each other and it turns out that she might be right.......... will she end up just like Juliet or will she find a way to break the curse before it's to late?


1. epilogue/author's note

okay guys lemme give you a run down on this. it is a modern day twist on romeo and juliet there will just be one continuation not multiple chapters because thats how i like it just in one chunk:)    i really hope that you like this one!! i deleted the other ones because i recently read them and just didnt like them i still have all of them i just took them down from this site.

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