Save You Tonight

have you ever thought that a friendship with someone could turn into something more? i never thought it would happen, but then again, i never thought a lot of things couldnt happen. zayn taught me that anything is possible. he taught me to never let go of my dream and hold onto it like my life depends on it. so i held onto zayn. held onto him for as long as i could until my dream happened...

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1. Chapter 1

"just go talk to him, y/n!" louis exclaimed as he nudged me, noticing that i was staring at zayn from across the room.
"no, he doesnt even know i exist, Lou!" i whispered, trying not to get caught by the teacher.
"y/n, youre so madly in love with zayn, i think you should just go and say hi, or go and ask for a pencil!" Niall whispered, leaning in across the table, joining in, in mine and Louis' not-so-private conversation. i bit my lip, nerves growing inside of me.
"but what if he laughs at me? or ignores me?" i exclaimed, quickly pretending to work as the teacher walked by.
"he wont do that, youre a beautiful girl, y/n!" Liam added, holding my hand and smiling at me. i really did have the bestest friends anyone could ask for. i never gelled well with girls, so all my best friends are boys, Louis, Liam and Niall.
"thank you Liam, but-"
"err, can i borrow a pen please?" a husky voice asked above us. we all turned our heads and looked up at a tall handsome figure, towering over us, his eyes pointing directly at me. i sat there, staring at him, melting inside. he looked at me, waiting for an answer. i felt a sharp kick on my shin as Niall nudged me to answer Zayn.
" but its not blue.." i finally spat out, my cheeks turning red.
"err..ok well dont worry." zayn replied, looking strangely at me, walking away, sitting down next to harry.
"what the fuck was that, y/n?" niall laughed, holding his stomach as he giggled away.
"i dont know, what else was i meant to say?!" i exclaimed, mentally face palming myself.
"how about, yes zayn, i do have a pen." louis replied, laughing as he did so. i slammed my head on the desk and groaned.

"zayn can you piss off youre doing my fucking head in." jane shouted at zayn as she walked away from zayn swiftly, leaving him standing in the middle of the empty corridor. he stood there, annoyed at his girlfriend. i leant against my locker, lusting over him and his beauty. he turned around and saw me, i quickly diverted my eyes away from him.
"what are you looking at?" he spat out, stepping closer towards me.
"nothing." i mumbled, turning round and opening my locker, not looking for anything in particular. i heard his footsteps behind me, as i turned around i saw zayn, a meter away from me.
"i think you should stay out of my business." zayn stated, hurt in his eyes.
"i wasnt, i just think that jane is wrong for you." i whispered, looking down.
"thats got nothing to do with you" zayn grunted, becoming agitated. "look, y/n, i can tell you like me, its pretty fucking obvious, but i will never like you in that way. got it?" zayn exclaimed, nudging me against the lockers, my cheeks going crimson with embarrassment. why was he doing this to me?
"but zayn-"
"no, y/n, just stay away from me. please." zayn added. i nodded, trying to keep in my emotions from flooding out. he saw i was upset by what he said, his eyes softened as he looked into mine. "im sorry for being so harsh, its just jane is so-"
"i know, dont worry. im sorry too. if you ever want to talk to someone, im here." i smiled at him. the ends of his lips twitched, a smile emerging from them.
"thanks, y/n." zayn replied, reaching forward and giving me a petty hug that sent butterflies through me. he pulled away and smiled softly as he walked down the hallway, leaving me to melt in my shoes.
"wow" i huffed, a large grin on my face as i watched him walk away.

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