Strangers -Completed-

Brooke is 18 years old and lives with her parents in the south west of london, She has 2 little sisters and a welsh sheep dog called meg. Brooke loves to laugh and smile, she has 4 amazing best friends and a boyfriend who loves her to bits. Her best friends happen to be Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik and her loving boyfriend happens to be Niall Horan. She has the life that many other girls dream of having and everything seems to be going perfectly. Untill the 24 March 2012, she was on her way home when she got hit by a speeding car. The driver didn't stop to help her and drove away. Its funny how life can change so dramatically in just 4 hours and how delicate the human memory is.


28. My Irish Snowflake

Brooke's POV

"Hurry up!" I called as my bestfriends hurried to my side, Charlie and Lexie. They were dressed in the short white bride's maids dresses which had a red ribbon running through the middle and drooped down at the back. They where each holding a bunch of red roses. I have to say they looked amazing. I spun around in the mirror one last time, I was wearing a long wedding dress, puffy and lacey. It also had a red ribbon running through the middle and flowed down behind me, I had my hair up in a bun with some of the short, curly bits in the front falling neatly around my face. I also had a red rose in my hair which was attached to a short vail that covered half of my face. I looked good and everything was going perfectly but that didn't stop the butterflies from going wild in my stomach. I bit my lip nervously, smudging some of the red lipstick. " God Brooke, you need to stop ruining your lipstick! I won't be there to re-apply it when your walking down the aisle!" Lou, the makeup artist, said as she patched up my lipstick.

Oh god, I was going to have to walk down the aisle, with hundreds of people watching me. I started to bite my nails but Lou smaked my hand away. " No biting your nails either, you just got them done!" She scolded and then held my hands and smiled at me. " You will be fine, you guys will be the happiest couple in the world. I promise." Lou encouraged then handed me over to the bridesmaids. Just then, there was a slight knock on the door. Harry popped his head around and his mouth dropped. " Wow, you look so amazing Brooks, Niall won't know what hit him!" Harry walked in and kissed me on the forehead. I smiled. I didn't see much of my parents so my dad didn't think he needed to give me away, he said that he would be sitting in the front while some people who were closer to me did it instead, I didn't mind because I never really knew my mum and dad that well, they were always away. Since I couldn't decide who I wanted to give me away, I  picked two people. Harry and Zayn. Niall then chose Liam and Louis to be his best men. I couldn't have though of anybody better.

" It's almost time, Zayn is waiting outside. We need to wait outside the door for the signal, for you and Niall to.. get married." Harry said slightly sadly. I smiled and hugged him. He had always been there for me, all of the boys had and I loved them for it.

" Lets go then Nialler's princess." He winked and led me outside with Lexie and Charlie at my heel. When I saw Zayn he seemed just as shocked. " Wow, you look great, not great, fantastic." He corrected himself. I linked arms with both of them and stood silently behind the big chapel doors. I took a deep breathe in. " You will be fine." Zayn whispered into my ear. I nodded. " Just don't trip" Harry smirked. I slapped him playfully on the arm. " Ow."

The music started to play, That was the signal. "god." I whipsered under my breathe as the door slowly opened and I began to walk into the church full of people. Everybody stood up and all eyes were on me. The butterflies went crazy and I felt like I was going to throw up. " don't be sick" Zayn warned me like he could read my mind. I chuckled and looked to the end of the aisle which was around 20 metres away. Standing at the end, waiting for me was the most beautiful man in the world. Niall.

He was wearing a tuxedo which had a rose tucked into his front pocket. I couldn't take my eyes off him. Suddenly all the butterflies vanished and I wasn't worried about falling, throwing up or making a fool out of myself. I was excited to be able to spend the rest of my life with Niall.

" Bitch, You don't deserve him!" A scream came from outside. The fans had found out where we were getting married. Her words dug deep into me and I felt like crying. Why did they hate me so much? What did I ever do?

" Don't listen to her, we love you!" Came other screams in the crowd outside. I smiled sadly to myself, at lease it was only 1 girl that didn't like me. At least it was just 1.


When I finally got to the end, the boys leg go of my hands and walked to the sides. I stood infront of Niall and the service began.


Couple minutes later

" Now, for the vows." The vicar said and Naill got out a red card.

"Truly madly deeply I am foolishly completely falling, and some how you've kicked all my walls in so baby keep me, truly madly crazy deeply in love, with you."- Niall began to say.

" You changed me Brooke, you seemed to break me yet build me up. You make me angry yet you've made me happier than I have ever been before. You complete my life. I always feel jealous when other people make you laugh because I feel that it's my job and hopefuly I will be doing it for the rest of my life. You are perfect, no matter what you say or think, and you always will beautiful in sickness and in health, in youth or in old age, in the morning or in the evening. I will never understand how I got so lucky to meet you, you are the gravity in my world that keeps me on the earth, you are the sun in my day that keeps me looking forward to everything, but most importantly you are the love in my life and I will love you forever." Tears were welling up in my eyes. Don't cry Brooke, mascara is to expensive.

I waited for a few seconds then realised that it was my go. I got out my little piece of paper that looked stupid compared to Niall's beautifully cut card.

I took a deep breathe and began to read. "I sat for days thinking about what to write for this, but whenever I look at you everything I want to say comes to 1 simple word . Love, but since I have to write more than just one word, here it is. Whenever your talking I cant stop staring because your eyes are so mesmirising, everything you do seems perfect to me, I must say that I get jealous of all your fans whenever they hug you or kiss you. I feel protective because I think your kisses and hugs are just for me. You make me laugh when I want to cry, your laugh makes me cry with joy, your accent makes me swoon and I'm pretty sure im not the only one that that effects."

I looked over to the window where many screaming fans where jumping about and insulting me. But I didn't worry. I didn't care what they though of me. I was happy and nobody could take that away from me on my wedding day.

I took another deep breathe and carried on "Whenever we kiss I dont get the fireworks or butterflies, I get a feeling better than anything else, you have been with me through so much and I want to spend the rest of my life working through much more, because I know that in the end when i'm alone, cold, and scared you will always be there to wrap me in a blanket and be my guarian angel. I love you so much Nialler, my little irish snowflake" I finished and tears of happiness finally fell down my cheeks, I quickly wiped them away and looked deeply into Nialls eyes. He was smiling wildly and mouthed the words 'I love you too'.


"Rings" The vicar said as he smiled sweetly at us.

Louis handed Niall my ring and Lexie handed me mine. I put my hand out as Niall slipped it on my finger. It was a simple welsh gold ring but I loved it. On the inside we had had our own little message carved into it. Niall's to me read.

" I love you more than food"

I chuckled when I read it and gave him my ring which read.

"My little Leprechaun. I smiled at Niall as we swapped rings. Today could not get any better.

" You may kiss the bride."  Came the words I had been dying to hear all day. I leaped into Niall's arms and our lips met. The feeling of electricity shot through my body and I wanted to stay like that forever but there were people watching so eventually we had to break apart. I grabbed Nialls hand as everyone cheered. I looked over at the boys who were smiling at me and Niall.

Today was the best day of my life. Today was the day that I got married to the boy who I had Frogottem, Remembered and then fallen in love with.


OMG, THAT WAS THE LAST CHAPTER! CRYING! I am so sad about ending this story! I really enjoyed writing it and I hope you have enjoyed reading it! I have mentioned this in other author's notes but I am going to say it again. THERE WILL NOT BE A SEQUAL! ONLY ONE SHOTS!!! Yeah so if you have any ideas for the life that Brooke Horan will lead with her amazing husband Niall please write on my blog or comment on this book or whatever, I hope you liked this book! The one shots will still be in this book! Just after this note thing! So yeah! I love you guys so much! :D


Lots of love ( Like literally LOADS)

El xoxo

Remember: Smile :D

P.S Please keep reading!

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