Children of the slums

A moving and touching tale about the poverty driven and how a part of society views them. Includes amazing ryhme patterns ! The type poem you can read again and again.


1. Slums terminal condition

Children of the slums 
Children of the slums 

Labeled by the govs 

As children of the scums 

No good kids destined to be thugs

No way were we raised by a scum because the mums

Here taught the children right from wrong and gave them lots of love 
So now way were we raised by a scum

That means these doctors and scicologist 

Couldn't put there money were there knowledge is 

And answer the question given

An acknowldge this

As the slum experienced a terminal condition

An épédemic had a risen

Children persevering

Defying the laws of physics 

It was deemed

They breathe with no heart with in them

The poverty driven

We're looked down on by society 

As if non existent
The children used to cry out but the sound was disfigured 

So no one ever got the message and took time to listen figured

Like endless unnamed roads. 

Here there many things which need addressing

They say the hood is a curse

I say the reverse the hood be my blessing

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