Deafening Silence

One direction may may be the biggest thing in England, but they need to promote their image in America! So they board with this guy and his daughter, who may be more special then any of the guys thought.
How will she change them? And will it be for better or worse?
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21. But let's Pretend

Leah clutched the small wrapped articles to her chest as she watched the plane take off, following it until in was a speck long gone in the sky.

Adam led her to a table at the airport. "C'mon Lee open them."

However Leah could not. She felt as if she opened the gifts, then her boys would never come back. Ever.

Eventually she got over her silly fear. At home is where she opened them. It just felt more special. Besides, if they said they would call, they would call.

First, Niall had given her a book, Guitar for Dummies. Zayn had given her a small journal. 'In case you really need to tell me something but I'm not there,' he'd written of the inside cover. All of them had written letters to her as well.

Leah unfolded Louis's and read it silently. 'We will miss,' he'd written, then reminisced about the good times walking her to school and playing tag running down the halls.

Harry's letter, apologised profusely about the cold shoulder he first given her. Leah laughed at the paper.

Liam's was written all formally and Leah had struggled with a big dictioary on her side, flicking throught it for words he used. The dictionary was from him, encouraging her mindpower. Of course Liam would say that, Leah mused. She swelled with pride reading, 'I know one day you will be a strong beautiful young woman, with or without make up.'

Leah finished reading the letter then walked over to her bureau and grabbed a shirt. She shook it out and stared at the faces that stared up her. She would become there biggest fan. Even if she was deaf. Even is she was only ten and stood 4'7 she would always be there for them. Always.

Leah then plopped her self with a book near her laptop and waited for the video call that never came.


A Year Later

Leah was tired of all the hype. Her hearing friends Molly, and Nicole had quickly jumped on the Directioner bandwagon. She would never see them as more than her favorite guests that had ever stayed at her house. Ones that were  playful and not stuck up, and treated her like a little child.

"Like, OMG, they are so hot, like Zayn is so attractive."

"I know, his and Harry's hair must take hours to do."

Leah just sighs, looking away and thinks about the boys. Zayn rarely did his hair when they were out,  usually just brushing it through. Harry almost always had a beanie on when they walked to school or to the park. She could say none of this however, Adam told her, so instead she opted for,

"Molly, Nicole" she says in confusion, "they are like 7 years older than us. That's just weird."

"Noo! Leah, not if you could hear them!"

That's usually all she was told. 'If you could hear them.' Of course she knew the real them, caring funny and polite.

And Leah missed them. Adam had explained how they were too busy to call all the time.

"But why? They promised. Niall said he would keep on with guitar lessons. And Z said I could call him any time."

Leah was lost without her best friends but in time she would learn to accept the fading of them. They never called her. She hoped with all her heart they had just forgotten. When she tried to call them, never did she get an answer, Leah would just stare at her answering machine, that would be flashing anywords that were spoken across the landline. Never was there any.

 Eventually Leah learned to fan-girl with her friends and in a while she forgot to care at all. She forgot to care that she missed walking to school in the morning, stopping for breakfast. And ice skating with Nialler. Her Nialler. Now just about everyone called him that. And Leah laughed at all the photos with fans she saw, mentally saying in her mind, "Fake smile, fake smile, really fake smile." It was all the same to her now, they just didn't care enough to keep in contact, so why should she?


Later that same day

Adam unlocked the door to their apartment. Leah ran in, throwing her stuff on the couch besides her and flipped on the T.V.

"Leah?" Adam went over and stood in front of her, "I will be in the basement."

"Same room as usual?" Adam nodded.

As Leah settled into her afternoon activities, she wandered over to her messy unused desk and stared at the envolopes wide open with the letter outside poking out. She slid out the letter and looked at the handwriting.

'Love Lou, and Nialler.'

Making a split second desion she got out a peice of paper and started writing.

'I missed you guys so much! Why did you never call? You never were going to were you? You know what, I don't even care. My friends faun over you and I sit there like that's not how they are, but you know what? I'm not even sure any more. For all I know you guys could be the people the media potrays you as. So much for guitar lessons Niall. And call you any time Zayn? you never answered so what ws the point? So much for trusting all of you. Thanks for the dictionary Liam.

Leah took a breath, as the tip of the pencil she was using broke. She could never send the send this: instead she calmly started a new letter, carefully describing how mush she loved them as a band, and nothing more, not as the five older brothers, she never had. Or her best friends that left her without speaking to her again. She hoped with this letter, she acutely (thanks again Liam, she thought) was able describe how she felt about them now. And Leah hoped it would stick out to them, admist their piles and piles of fan mail. 

Sealing the envolope, she quickly ran to the mail shoot and shoved all her bottled up emotions sliding down the shoot.

Never again would they ever be anything else other then One Direction, a boy band, that had crossed her path a year ago, and forgot about her. She missed them no doubt, but they had just forgotten. There was nothing left to say.

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