Deafening Silence

One direction may may be the biggest thing in England, but they need to promote their image in America! So they board with this guy and his daughter, who may be more special then any of the guys thought.
How will she change them? And will it be for better or worse?
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1. Keep doing what we do

Harry’s pov
        We had just gotten signed! I was in Simon’s office with 4 of my closest friends, and band mates, now. I was so excited that I would finally achieve my dream...
         “- putting you with a merchandise consultant.” Simon said.
        “What’s’ that?” I interrupted. Smooth move Harry, you just interrupted the man who gave you a record deal. I mentally face palmed.
        “A merchandise consultant will help you pick and design your logo and help set up your U.S.A. fan base, as well set up your website. He will also help with traveling information, because of his critical location. Basically, he is me when I’m not around. He-”Simon explained
“Why won’t you be with us?”   I had just cut Simon off again.
Liam looked at me with a look that willed me to shut the hell up. I gladly did then, sheepishly looked back at Simon. He glanced in my direction and then talked to rest of the boys. “I need to get Matt settled with his record deal and music style. I needed to get you guys set up first because you are a group. I will not be seeing you for a few months as I need to pay attention to the winner.”
        Simon swiftly stood up, signaling the end of this meeting. “I have left my assistant with plane tickets to New York for you. Also, I have arranged your transportation to the merchandise consultant’s home already. You can call me at any time; just keep in mind the timezone!” He joked.
We all stood up and shook his hand then shuffled out the door. I was finally signed. This was going to be great!

Liam’s pov
        Oh my god, Harry was so embarrassing in there, he just would not shut up! What if he had pissed off Simon, and then he took away our record deal. I shook my head.
But that was just in the back of my mind. We had actually succeeded!! Finally! I got the ticket from Simon’s assistant and thanked her. On ward!


A few hours later

The plane had touched down at J. F. K. airport I could see the skyscrapers all around. Wow.
Me and the boys went to baggage claim, and got our bags. I almost feel bad for Niall; he had to carry his guitar, too. We soon found the man with a sign with our name on it, One Direction. It looked funny, just being held there, like a gate. If we walked pass, then we were official.
       “Hello,” we all said. I took lead. “I’m Liam that’s Harry, Zayn Niall and Louis” pointing at all of us in turn
“Hi”, the man said, “I’m Adam. Do you have all of your stuff?” I looked around, “Umm… yeah, we do.”
“Then lets go!” Adam said. Hmm, I liked him so far, seemed pretty laid back and nice.
I decided to strike up a conversation with him. “So, you’ll be our merchandise consultant?”
“Seems like,” he laughed, “before you get too famous!”  We carried on our talk until we reached the car. I found out he was married, but his wife Anne had died. He also had a 9 year old daughter, Leah.
As we were approaching the car, Lou cried “I call shotgun!”
        Adam just laughed and pointed to the passenger’s seat. It was occupied by a little girl. That must be Leah; I thought and looked at her. She was so carefree as she played with her thumbs.
I laughed along with Adam. Ha-ha Lou, a little girl beat you I thought. He looked crestfallen and got in the back seat of the van with the rest of us.
We dragged Louis to the van when he was still grumbling. I slid open the door and forced Louis in first then the boys and then me. The girl looked back and waved, then waited for Adam.
I could here Louis complaining under his breath “... Little girl... Front seat... My seat... She’s nine!”
“Louis shut up, she going to hear you.” But i was wrong. In fact she didn't turn around at all. Adam tapped her shoulder and talked to her. Leah stared intensely at his face and looked as if she was concentrating really hard on his lips.

"Leah, these are our new guests for a while."
She smiled, turned around and waved again. “I’m Leah. I am 9. What’s your name?”
Her voice was high and... quite quiet. I couldn’t put my finger on the difference in sound.
“Well hi, I’m Liam-.”
“Also known as Lili,” interjected Louis. She giggled and tried out my name, pronouncing it "Lee-yum".  Leah asked him the same question.
“Thank you you so much for asking, my lady,” he bowed, then looked up. “I am Louis, or Lou, you know for short.”
She moved on to Zayn. He allowed her to touch his 2 inch quiff. Wow he didn’t let just anybody do that.
Niall was next and she said bluntly “I like your voice and eyes,” and moves on. He stares at her in amazement and then begins chatting with Zayn about Leah.
Harry is last and he seems almost homesick already. So he answers her question while looking out the window. Leah didn’t say anything.. Instead looking confused. Louis fills the awkward silence and looks at Leah and goes, “His name is Harry. Or Hazza!” Giving her a cheeky grin. I turn my attention to Harry and we agree to talk later.

Louis pov
The other boys had started little convos with each other and Adam was driving, so i took up talking with the curly haired nine year old in MY seat.
“So, um Leah what do you like to do?” She doesn’t answer. I try again: nada. I try tapping her shoulder like I observed Adam do. She slightly jumps then relaxes. “So Leah what’s your favorite color?” She answers with a smirk.
“Cool, what do you like to do?” She gives me a look and answers.
“Read and dance.”
“Do you like...-”
She cuts me off but not rudely. “These questions are too easy, I am nine now so I can answer better questions.” She puts great emphasis on the age. “Ok then,” I tell jokes on the nutritional value of the carrot. She was really laughing now.

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