Nice To Meet You

A 18 year old girl named Nicole is going to college and is studying Music.There's a boy named Liam from 1D going to visit his friend.. Liam and Nicole then meet...


1. Hello

My name is Nicole Jean Watson. I'm 19 years old and I live with my umm let's Dad. He's my stepdad but he's been with me since I was 1. My mother died.My real father ran away from my mother and I. My dad ( I call him me Dad.) gave me the greatest news today! I've been saving up for a car,so when I had the money I bought a 1990 chevy mustang. I love classic things.Anyway, I had no money leftover so today my Dad gave me money to go to college! I'm going to study music.None of my friends are gonna be there though.I should make new friends though! But I heard theres gonna be a famous guy or girl at the college this year. I hope its one of my idols.

(Sorry short chapter the next chapter will be better.)
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