Moonlight Dance

This story is practically a clash of two tales (The twilight saga and the hunger games trilogy) but with different characters and a bent storyline.
This story is about Sarah and Collin. Sarah is a human that loves playing hockey and music on her double bass in her school Rosedale Hights School of the Arts. When Collin moves to her city (Toronto) as a vampire who found Sarah as a grade 6 a little while before and knew she was his mate from the start so he enrolled in RHSA to get to know Sarah. Join them in this love story see if their love will last through all the action filled events that happens.


5. Chapter 4: The Family


  “High, Amber, how are you?” Collin said while they hugged. “This is Sarah, the girl I was talking about.”   “Nice to meet you, Sarah!” Amber said in a happy, excited tone, while she grabbed me into a hug.   “Amber.” Collin said with a warning.   “Oops, sorry.”   “It's ok Collin, really.” I said, I really don't mind anyway.   “There's the rest of my brothers and my other sister over there.” Collin said pointing over to a table in the corner of the cafeteria.   Now that I see them all together they do look like vampires because of their beautiful pale skin and light coloured clothing. Collin introduced them to me in pairs. Willow and Samule; Willow is slim and has long, curly, strawberry blonde hair, ski blue eyes at the present time; while Samule has short brown hair that looks like it's been combed back with gel. He is very strong looking with emerald green eyes. Crimson has short, straight, blonde hair with golden brown eyes. He looks a little uncomfortable where he is but still looks amazing. Amber I already know but I didn't get a good look at her because of all the hugging. She has straight, layered, copper toned, shoulder length hair with lilac eyes, she looks exactly like Collin but more feminine. Collin still looks the best to me even though both Amber and Collin look almost the same, not to be rude or anything.    “Nice to meet you all.” I said quietly. I look over to Collin, he gives me a encouraging nod and smile while pulling out a chair gesturing for me to sit. I sit and say “Thanks, you are such a gentleman, Collin.” His family started chuckling under their breaths.   “My pleasure.” He said as he takes the seat beside me.   “So, did you guys enjoy your school day so far?” I asked trying to get some sort of chatting at the table.   “Good.” They all said at once. “Jinks.” Again all at once and then bursted out laughing.   “So, Sarah would you like to come over tonight?” Collin asked.    “I thought I said I am grounded, which by the way is your fault.”   “You did, but your parents don't come home til seven o-clock, right? And it's wouldn't be the first time you deceived your parents, so what's the problem?”   “The fact that you're the one who suggested it and not me.”    “So, I'll bring you to my place and then I will take you home before your parents get back.”   “Fine, I'll come, even if it means I have to lie to my parents again.”   “So it's settled, Amber could you call Mitch or Violet to tell them to expect human company?”    “Ok, I'll be right on that.” She said. I didn't even see her move, but yet she had her phone to her ear talking to fast for my brain to understand, the only thing I got from her conversation was that she was talking to Violet. · · ·   At the end of the day Collin brought me to his car and opened the door for me, like a gentleman would do if there were any left,and helped me get in. He just closes my door and already he's in the car with the car running.   “How did you get in here so fast?” I asked him in a shocked voice.    “I flinted.”    “What's flinting?”   “It's our form of running full out, I believe that your kind call it sprinting or dashing. It's such a rush.”    “Are you the faster than the speed of light?”   “Sometimes, I think, it's hard to tell, I think it depends on how much blood we drink. The more the faster. I know the vampires that drink human blood are stronger and faster, unless we drink way more blood than them.” He said quickly.   “Wait, have you tested this... Theory?”    “Well, yes it's kind of hard to explain but about fifty years ago, there was this uprise of vampires and they tried to take England away from the strongest vampire alliance in the world, the lunar royalty, though I don't think royalty to all the night creatures. Well anyway they got all psycho and made this idiotic game that all creatures of the night must be entered in a draw to fight to the death, as our punishment, and the winner would be rewarded greatly. Of course the second year they did this, Violet got picked and Mitch flipped out and went all defensive and requested that he be in the fight by her side then Amber asked for the same then all of us steped in so they made a new rule that their covern has the option to go with them. (That justs makes it harder for us because of all the extra people we had the most chance to be called apon and none of us would let one another go alone, they understood that, so that's why they let us.) The only good thing was we would not be entered again unless we had another member in our family, not that I don't want you in my family, I really want you to be a part of my family, but I don't want to put you through that. So we went in the arena and fought of course we won that's why we're still here, and I'm not giving you the details, because you look scared as it is, if you want to run away from me and never see me again I won't hold it against you.”   Of course I was scared but not from what he's telling me but for what he went through. “No, no, no I'm not scared of that I was just thinking of you going through that you must of been so scared and thirsty.” I said as I leaned over to hug him and he jumped and started to laugh.   “So you're more scared for a guy you just met yesterday, then at what I'm telling you that's insanely romantic for a young lady your age.”    “Thanks and it does sound crazy, when you say it back to me.” "What am I getting myself into." I thought a little loudly. “So who are we waiting for?”    “Amber and Crimson. Don't worry I'll be right beside you while you get into all the secrets of this whole new world, sorry I kind of heard what you were thinking, that time.”   Just then Amber and Crimson (Amber sat behind me and Crimson sat behind Collin) and we were off to his house.   “Wow, Collin she smells really, really good, if I wasn't a vegetarian...”   “I smell her through your nose, times what you smell by thousands and you have what I smell, I have it so much worse than you do, trust me you don't know what I'm going through.”    “So is she your's?, mate I mean, I know that's what Crimson smelled like to me when he was human.”   “Umm, I don't want to answer that out loud. She doesn't even know what a mate is and if she knew she might run off and never come back to me. And now she'll want to know and that will, I don't know what will happen if she knew.”    “Oh, ok so that's how it is, it's ok I know the answer now anyway.”    “Collin, what's a mate in the vampire world?” I asked him in a quiet voice.   “See what I mean Amber, she's going to ask about any thing she doesn't know about and I'm afraid that I might say to much and she'll run away.” He said “Sarah a mate is like... a... well you know what a soul mate is, right?”   “Ya, of course I know what a soul mate is.”   “Well a mate is like that and add love at first sight and times that by ten. I guess that's the best way I can put it, do you understand?”    “Yes and by the look you gave Amber, I think you do love me like that don't you?”    “Thanks alot Amber, but yes I do want you to be like that to me.”    “Hey, Sarah we're almost there are you happy that your going to meet your mate's parents?” Amber said.    “Sure, why not?”   After about three kilometers of trees there was a break in the trees and he turned in the break. Then a twisty path that at his speed looked impossible to do. We just hit this huge opening and it's like we entered a world of dreams, it is a huge house with a porch that leads up to a door that's mainly glass in fact whole house is mainly reflection glass (The kind that you can't see in but they can see out.) and stone, surprising that vampires live in this. Not to mention the little river that runs right beside the house.   “Ready?” Collin asked me in a encouraging tone.   “It's now or never.” I said with a shrug.   Collin and Crimson got out of the car and flinted around to open our doors, like real gentlemen they offered us their hands to help us get out, of course on instinct I used the help, any then like in the movies they kept our arms linked in their's. We walked up to the doors, and Collin opened the door and offered to let Amber and Crimson go in first and then let me go in. Everyone was standing in view. The room we were standing in would be a living room, if vampires were of the living, there is a staircase behind them and it looked to be from the Titanic's first class area from the movie. To the right there was a big screen T.V. and a comfortable looking couch. To the left there was a grand piano and a whole bunch of other instruments, all the ones I knew the name of was there and I bet there are more choices of instruments here than at a music store. But all the instruments looked so tempting to go play.   “Do you play?” asked Violet the only voice I don't know.    “Only the double bass and the piano, but I'm not good at the piano, I can play songs just it takes me a while to learn them.”   I looked at her and she has red hair, blue eyes and like everyone else pale skin. She was standing beside Mitch.  He has blonde hair and blue eyes.    “Sorry, I forgot my manners, nice to meet you Mister and Miss Anderson you have a beautiful home.” I said holding out my hand to shake theirs.   “It's ok Sarah, but please call me Mitch its short for Mitchell and thanks.” He said as he brought my hand up to kiss it.   “Ok Mitch, how are you?”   “Good, and you?”   “I'm doing just fine thank you.”    “Nice to meet you I'm Violet” She said as she hugged me.   “Mom!” Collin said.   “It's ok I won't hurt her.” Violet said. “Why don't you show each other what you can play while we get dinner ready.”   “Ok, come on Sarah lets play.” He said.     We shared the piano bench started playing Plachelbel Cannon in G. After that song he insisted that he plays a song he wrote, it was a lullaby type song, it was so beautiful that I think I shed a couple tears.   After he finished he looked at me and asked “Why are you crying?” as he wiped the tears from my cheeks.   I wasn't to sure but I think he tasted the tears.“That was beautiful, when and why did you create that?”   “Yesterday night and it was made for you just like the fireworks in chemistry were for you.” He said sweetly.   I don't know why but I scooted the inch closer to him and hugged him and instead of jumping like last time he hugged me back and put his head on top of mine.    “Dinners Ready.” Called Violet from the other room.   “Come on Sarah, time to go eat.” Collin said.   The kitchen is kind of modern looking with granite counter tops and modern cooking equipment, it is beautiful.   “We never got to use the kitchen to cook before, I hope you like Italian food.” Violet said in a chipper tone.   “Sure do.” I said.    We eat, I know they don't really like it but they eat anyway (Keeping up the act I guess.), but they eat anyway. “So do any of you have powers like Collin?”    Amber speaks up first. “Collin why didn't you tell her about our powers? Anyway my power is a sheild, it prevents people from attacking me or anyone near me.”    “The reason I didn't tell her is because I thought that would be to much in one day.”    “That's fine Collin you could've told me. How about the rest of you?”    Crimson the quiet one spoke up. “My power is to control emotions.”   “My power is to tell the future.” Willow said.   “My power is to make visions appear in people's minds. See?” Said Samule.   “Cool it's a waterfall in a forest.” I said then it stopped.   “My power can determine what a vampires power is or what a human will have if he or she becomes a vampire.” Said Mitch. “What in the world?, I don't even know what to call that.”   “Call what?” I asked.    “What type of power you have locked away in you.”    “Cool, I'll have a power when I'm a vampire.”    “If you become a vampire.” Exclaimed Collin. “Don't tell her her power, if you do she'll just be wanting to be a vampire more than she does now.”   “Collin! Be nice, she is our first human guest.” Said Violet. “By the way my power is that of levitation.”    By then we just finished our dinner and are starting to get up when all of a sudden my feet are not touching the floor. I feel as light as a bird. “Violet are you doing this?” I said as I did a backflip. And the rest of the vampires are chuckling at my amusement.    “Yes I am.” She said as she put me back on my feet. “Collin, why don't you take Sarah on a tour?”   “Ok.”   He walks me around the house and gives a little name for each room. The Whole house looks to be placed in the eighteen hundreds but still looks really good. The last room he takes me to is his own his room has a couch against a wall unlike the others in the house with beds. Also the other wall across from the couch is covered in records, CD's and cassettes. And the wall facing the door is a pure glass wall with a beautiful view of the River I saw and the forest. With a shaggy carpet and red walls. “What no bed or even a coffin?”   “I don't sleep, in fact none of us do. Also I have never met a vampire that has a coffin.”   “Not ever?”   “Nope.”   “Wow.”   “Another thing we can go without.”   “How are these organized?” I asked pointing to his CD's.   “It's by Year and in every year all the CD's in that year is alphabetical. Then  I have all my favourites over here. And my records are alphabetized. Same with the cassettes.” He said as he pointed out the order. “Did you want to dance before I have to take you home?”    “No, it's ok.” I said. "I don't dance." I thought loudly. "More like I can't dance."   “Ahh... I see, don't be silly everyone can dance with me as a partner.” He walked over to the stereo and turned it on.    Then he walked over to me and offered me his hand, I hesitated so he reached for my hand, I let him take it. He put my hands around his neck and then put his around my waist. The music starts to play and it's a Beetoven song one of the ones I know. At first we were rocking back and forth, then we were turning around in a circle, then we were moving around the room, after that he made me spin and pulled me back closely and made me bend over his arm, then he took my hand, bowed and kissed it.   “Thanks for the dance, but your wrong you can dance.” He said happily.    “I guess I can, can't I.” I said with a smile.   “Hmmm... I think I should make you dance more often, your smile is the light of my never ending day.”   I blush and he touched my cheeks that just made them hotter.   “Well, I think I need to get you home now don't I? It's ten minutes to seven.”   “We're going to be late!”    “No, I'll get you there in one minute.”   “If you can, sure.” I think he means by car, that would be impossible since my house is twenty minutes away from the school and we went in the opposite direction to at least ten minutes.   “Let's say goodbye to my family first.”     “Ok.”   We walk downstairs and all the vampires were waiting for us in the livingroom as if they heard us talking.    “Bye everyone, nice meeting you Violet and Mitch, see you tomorrow at school you guys.” I said to the rest of them.    “Bye.” They all said at once.   We just walked out side and he asked. “Do you want to travel like I do?”   “Sure, sounds like fun.”   “May I?” Collin asked making a gesture to pick me up.   “Yup.”    He picked me up and wrapped my arms around his neck then pulled my legs up and wrapped them around his waist. “Hold on tight my little spidermonkey.” And I instantly tightened my grip.   “I'm not choking you, am I?”   “Ha! Vampires don't need to breathe.”   “What?”   “We don't, it's just more comfortable to breathe though. Ready?”   “Yup.”   Then we were off. All the trees blurred together and in two seconds we were by the school. It felt like I was flying or on a rollercoaster. Then he was taking a short cut through back yards jumping over fences (Definitely more like a rollercoaster.) at one point we were on some roofs. Then we were on the ground at my house and he was eyeing my open window. All of a sudden he launched himself up and caught my windowsill, with one hand he helped me into my room. When I touched my floor I started to laugh, the ride was so fun. Just like I was at Canada's Wonderland.   “That's such a rush!”    “Didn't I already tell you that?”   “Ya but it was better than I thought it would be. You know I have a key to the house right?”   “Ya I know I just thought this would be more fun for you. Wasn't that more fun?”    “Yes, but how did you know what window was mine?”
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