I know what your thinking... Just another one of those fan fictions where the boys are Vampires and you might think they are dumb but some are good and I hope you choose to give mine a chance.

Ellie is your average girl surrounded by One Direction fans she's a fan too but she never thought she'd really meet them but she never knew they had a dark secret and an uncontrollable Blood Lust



1. Only Human Alive That Knows

-Ellie's POV-

I walk into the backstage area after the One Direction concert I wait in line and I meet the. Take a picture get hugs and then I went down the hall to the bathroom the arena was pretty much empty I was the last person in line I heard moaning from the other side of the wall I stood on the toilet to look through the vent when I saw the boys with a girl laying across the counter only n her bra and undies they were sucking her blood! Louis and Harry were feeding on each of her inner thighs Niall and Liam had her wrists and Liam was at her neck I covered my mouth and went to step down she. I lost my footing I grabbed the side of te stall to steady myself and it worked but I kicked the side they probably heard me I raced out of the bathroom looking behind me when I ran Into something hard I fell down and looked up and saw them blocking my way of exit I gasped and tried to scream when Louis sped to me and out a hand over my mouth and lifted me up to my feet
Harry stepped forward and connected eyes with me they turned from green to blood red and his face cracked
"Sleep" he whispered I felt my eyelids get heavy

-Harry's POV-

We brought her back to the house and laid her on the couch she wakes up and Louis decides to start to feed on her
"Louis!" I yell he gets up Niall's face starts to crackle
"I can't" he says and runs up the steps vampire speed Liam follows Louis pushes me against the wall
"Are you going to kill me?" She asked Louis
"I would but Harry here won't let me" he says
"Just don't drain her" I beg
"Why not?" He snaps at me
"I wanna turn her" I say
"What makes you think she is strong enough to be in our coven?" Louis says looking me dead in the eye his eyes turning red and his face cracking her blood on his lips
"There's something about her Louis" I said
"Don't go all Twilight on me Harry do what you have to do but do you have any idea what it's like to be a maker?" He says
"I know it's a big responsibility" I said
"Try doing it for 4 it's hard it's even harder for Females" he says he takes one glance at the girl and then back at me and walks out of the room
She was looking at me I sit down
"I'm not going to hurt you" I said
"That's not what your face tells me" she says I look in the mirror behind her and see my eyes are red not green and my face is cracking
"Ugh! Why?!" I yell and flip the coffee table and throw a bronze statue across the room I kick the table and it breaks in half I sit back down next to her and put my head in my hands to my surprise she reaches over and rubs my back I look up at her feeling the crackles go away I close my eyes as the red flows I and they become emerald again she tilts her head at me
"I don't even know your name but I feel like I'd take a bullet for you" I say she looks at me
"It's Ellie" she says
"And I'm sure it wouldn't hurt you... You know your a vampire..." She says
"Hey if it was wooden" I say she giggles
"You'd take a wooden bullet for me?" She says I nod she hugs me I hug her back
When vampires have a connection with humans what do they call it... Oh yeah
Ellie is Mine. which means no one touches or hurts her with out hearing from me and my Coven.
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