Long Lost Brother

This is my first movella. I really hope you like it and I'll update very often. This is about when an ordinary girl gets a surprise twist in her life. Liam Payne is her long lost half-brother! She thought her life couldn't get any better!


1. Getting the news



"Jessica!" My mom calls from downstairs. I finish brushing my long, orangey-brown hair and wonder what it could be this time. I look in the mirror. Blue eyes, the orangey hair, a slim body. All I need now is for someone to listen to me sing and my carrer will take off. "JESSICA!" my mom calls again. "I'm coming!" I screech. I run downstairs and sit at the table across from her. I give her a look that says spit it out! I have better things to do! She starts to talk. "Jessica, I just got off the phone with someone very... special." she bites the inside of her mouth. She's nervous, there's no doubt about that. "Well, who was it?" I ask. "Umm, it was, your... brother." Now I'm confued. I don't have a brother. Do I? "Excuse me? Did you just say my Brother?"

Mom nods and explains herself. "Yes. Your brother. I am the birthmother of... of  Liam Payne. In One Direction. He just called me and as soon as I found out I knew I had to tell you. So, there I said it. You're related to a bandmember of One Direction. We're leaving to meet him in one week." I couldn't breath. I couldn't move. I just sat there in pure awe. Mom explained a little more in depth. "I met his father at a karaoke bar. We tarted talking and we became friends, bestfriends, then we started dating. After about 5 years, we got married. Another year later, I had Liam. After a couple of months, we got divorced and he took Liam to his home to England. So, yeah you have a brother." She was done explaining. I started to breath again. After this sank in, I screamed... a lot. I ran upstairs to my room and called my best friend Cheyenne. She picked up on the first ring.

"Hey gurly! wussup?" She asked me. "Take... the... phone... away... from your ear." I said as calmly as I could. When I heard her say okay I let it all out. "OMIGODLIAMPAYNEISMYBROTHERIMUSTBEDREAMING!" I calmly said okay and she put the phone back to her ear. Like me she was obsessed with One Direction. "What? I couldn't hear a word you said." Pull yourself together Jessica. He's just a guy; he's your brother. Not even your whole brother. Half brother. Just your half brother. I take a deep breath and say "Liam Payne... is my-- brace yourself for this Cheye!-- My brother. Liam Payne is my brother." I hear her hyperventalating on the other end and a sudden scream. I pull the phone away from my ear and wait until she gets it all out. After she calms down, I spill the whole freakin can of beans.


WOW! I finally get to meet my mom! My real, true MOM! And I have a sister! A little sister! I can't wait to meet them. I need to tell the boys about this. I call the guys and tell them to come to my place to tell them some important news. When they get there, I tell them all to sit down. "COME ON! Tell us Li Li!" Louis screams. "Yeah!" The boys say in sync. My heart started to race even thinking about it. "I found... MY MOM! My real, true mom! and I have a sister! A little sister! Her name is Jessica! She seems really awesome!" The boys stare in awe. "How old is she?" Askes Harry. "She's 16 and just got her liscense. Here's a picture." I show them the picture and Lou falls to his knees and yells "SHE'S THE CARROT PRINCESS!" I look at him and I realize what he's talking about. Her hair is a firey orange-brown. "She's fit." says Harry. The other boys nod and murmur in agreement. "HEY! No one dates my sister!" the guys sadly nod in agreement. Once our little party was over I went to bed One week Liam, One week. And I drifted into a blissful sleep.


The week went by in a blur. I've been texting Liam everyday and I think we'll be best buds. I really hope he likes me. It's already Friday and we're already going to the airport. I wonder if he'll listen to me sing. I wonder what England will be like. I can't believe my brother is "Daddy Direction"! After the scenes of heartfilled laughter and tragic goodbyes replayed in my head from the party Cheyenne put on,we arrived at the airport. We still had some time so I texted Liam.


J-- We're at the airport! I can't wait to meet you!

L-- I can't wait either! You'll just love the guys!

J--Well actually, I might fangirl. I kno it seems cliche' but I'm a big time directioner!

L-- No worries! You'll be fine! The guys won't shut up about you. When Lou saw a pic of you he bowed down and shouted: "IT'S THE CARROT PRINCESS!" or somthing.LOL!

J-- Lol! Well I gotta go. Mom says hi and luv u. we'll Cya l8r! Bye big bro!

L-- Bye little sis!

Our journey to London had begun. We were in the air in less than half an hour later and I said silent goodbyes to my beautiful Kentucky. I stared out the window until I fell asleep.



They're coming! I can't believe it! Maybe Jess could stay at my place a night or two! I can't wait to meet her in person. An idea popped into my head. I called Niall to get the surprise ready and he contacted the boys for me. I know Jessica will be thrilled. I can't wait to meet her! I go to sleep for a few hours before i have to pick Mom and Jess up.I wake up to the sound of a car horn. Lou is driving his van and I'll drive my car. I hop ih=n and we head off to the airport.


Mom gently shakes me awake. "Jess, look out the window. Welcome to London." I look out and I see beutiful scenery. I can't take a picture becuase my phone won't work so I take a snapshot with my mind and superglue it to my brain. There are hundreds, maybe thouands of tiny white lights from the headlights of cars. They look like illuminated ants marching in a line home to the anthill. I pull out my ipod and listen to The Fray. I hum along to the songs until we land. I jump up, grab my bag, and make my way off the plane. I look around the crowded airport until I see him. "Liam..." I whisper. I drop my bag next to mom and I take off running towards him with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face. I smash into him and I start crying and thanking god and telling him how much I've wanted to meet him. He hugs back and I'm finally pried off of my brother by my mom, who also wants a hug. I stand back and watch the scene. Someone taps my shoulder and when I turn around, I'm staring into the famous green eyes of none other than Harry Styles. I don't move, I don't breath, I don't speak. I just stand there with my eyes wide and my heart racing. I want to scream and cry and sing halelujiah! But I can't I am petrified. Frozen to the spot. Four pairs of eyes look at me in a confused/concerned way. I finally say somthing. It's stupid and wierd but I have no control of my actions right now. I say: "Kevin the pigeon wanted me to tell you guys he said hi." I heard them laugh as I hit the floor, out cold.

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