Safe & Sound (1D & PLL) *On Hold*

Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily are in for a surprise. Last summer their best friend, Alison DiLaurentis, went missing. Those five used to be inseparable, but why? They were all brought together by Ali. They would always try to impress her, everyone did. Little did they know about Ali's past. Now, they are getting weird texts from an unknown number. They call them self 'A'. The girls have to be careful. Is 'A' with or against them. Or both? Now they meet the love of their life (or so they think) but what happens when 'A' threatens them? Where is Ali? Who is 'A'? Find out for your self in Safe & Sound!

**One Direction and Pretty Little Liars!!**


1. Intro & Author's note

Alison was Alison. She was the shoulder to cry on. The one you could ask if you jeans made your butt look big. The one to call your crush to see how he felt. She was there. Always. But the girls were also afraid of her. Ali knew more about them then they even knew. Even the bad stuff. It was horrible to think she was dead... if she was atleast their secrets would be safe. And they were.

Ali always said their secrets were what kept those five so closely bonded. If that was true they would be best friend's for life. Ali knew all of their secrets but they didn't know many of Ali's. But they all kept one secret together. Something they all wanted to forget. That one secret they couldn't even bear to talk about. 

September first. The day she went missing. It was a big day for the small town of Rosewood. Especially for the girls. They were just having their usual sleepover at Spencers's lakehouse, except when they woke up Ali was gone. After that day the girls lost touch. At first they all still called and checked in to see if they heard from Ali but after two months past they had all given up. They still cried when they passed her house, or saw a picture. It was trageic

Aria moved to Iceland with her family the next fall, she was happy when her dad made the announcment. She thought it was because the secret her dad was keeping that only her - and Ali (of course) - knew. She met a boy and fell in love a couple of times, her parents fell back in love. She felt like a new -and improved- Aria. Before Ali went missing she was in search for who she was. She put pink highlights in her dark brown hair. She tried punk Aria, innocent Aria, artsy Aria, and right before they moved she tried ideal Rosewood-girl Aria. You know, the horse riding, polo shirt weraing, and counrty farm girl that all the Rosewood boy loved, that Aria wasn't. Her favorite is Iceland Aria. She just moved back to Rosewood, PA. Her brother Mike is surper excited. He didn't fit in as well as Aria did in Iceland. 

Spencer was always competetive. She had to be the best. She was mad when Ali would beat her at something. When Ali went missing she became more competetive. She took the steps after her sister, Melissa Hastings, her and Ali used to always face off. Decide who was better. Ali usually won and that made Spencer mad. They would fight like sisters, which intrigued Alison even more. 

Hanna, well she lost a lot of weight. She used to be the chubby dork Ali took in. Over the years, her and Mona -the dork Ali and them used to harrass and tease- they became the new it-girls. Gave themselves major makeovers. They would be the top of the school. Not as memerable as Ali but they were getting close to it.  They would go to the mall and steal what they wanted- but never got caught. It made Hanna feel badass. She loved it.

Emily, well Emily never got over Ali. After her disappearence no one talked anymore. Like Ali was the only thing keeping them together. Now that she is most likey dead, they are no longer connected. Emily was always a good student, and a great swimmer. When Alison went missing she lost intrest in doing things like that. She still has hope she'll come back someday, unlike most people.

A year after the disappearence, the DiLaurentis' family (Alison's family), moved away. A new family just moved in to the house -next door to Spencer- it was about time someone moved in. It's been sitting there for two years now. Keeping the memories of Alison still. It wasn't exactly a family. A group of friends, must be very close, moved in. There were five boys. All around the girls age, probably attending Rosewood high. The five boys were pretty fit. There was Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn.

School starts in three days. In three days the girls will have to face eachother. Memories will begin to flood back. Good and Bad. Three days.

**a/n Hey so, I'm a big fan of PLL and I decided to do a fanfic with them and 1D. I don't know who to put the girls with and yes, I know there are 5 boys and 4 girls but I already know the shock ending I'm going to have and then what's going to happen. I'm still new to Movella's but I write a lot and recently my laptop broke so I'm trying to cope with my IPad. (Not very easy) but comment below if you are a PLL fan, which girl should be with who and even if your not a fan of PLL it would be cool to read. Have fun and I hope you enjoy! 

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