Why Me?

What did I ever do to deserve this?

Why me?

Author's Notes....

This Movella, along with all my other Movellas, is pure fiction. This did not happen to me in real life. It's just my dark side showing.

Please note that Chapter 11 is the last chapter. There will be no more chapters as the story finishes there.

Thanks for reading!


11. A New Beginning

2 months later, Brian appeared in court. I gave evidence from behind a screen. I sat there, as he was found guilty by the jury, of raping a child under the age of consent, without their consent. And let's not forget murder. He was sentenced to life in prison, made to serve at least 15 years. He may be locked up, but I'll never feel safe.

I still have nightmares. Every night. I've been here for nearly a year now, making me 14. I've had numerous couples willing to adopt me, but I don't feel comfortable around males any more. I don't want to go near another male ever again! It upsets me so much. Knowing that I'll never be my usual self.

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