A Free Swann

A fanfiction Willabeth from Pirates of the Caribbean story starts right after the end of at worlds end if you have not seen the movie spoiler alerted are warned, Elizabeth needs a happily ever after of her own and to be with her husband William for ever she needs to live forever she goes on an adventure with Jack and all her friends from the first three movies.


1. Prolouge


        I stood aboard my ship, my crew and I raised our colors and our sails and set off for the island of Caiman and I thought about what I had accomplished in the past month, I had sailed over the edge of the world to Davy Jones's Locker, became the second Pirate King, released the legendary sea goddess Calypso (In hind sight not such a great idea) and married the man of my dreams.                                   

       William Turner my new husband had lived on this island in a thatch-roof hut near the beach.  Will's father Bootstrap Bill Turner had left for piracy when Will was young, Bill sailed on the Black Pearl captained by Jack Sparrow, when Barbossa, Jack's first mate, commited mutiny and marooned Jack on a rum stocking island with a pistol and a singal shot, Bootstrap didn't approve of that so then Barbosssa and his crew tied his bootstraps to a cannonball and shot him far into the sea where Davy Jones picked him up and he joined his crew.  Will's mother died when Will had turned thirteen, Will then decided to find some honest work in Port Royal as a blacksmith as a stow-away.  That was the same year that my father and I sailed from France to Port Royal with Corporeal James Norringto and Sir Joshamee Gibbs from the East Indian Trading Company.  Will's ship was sunk by the Black Pearl and he was the only survivor and our ship picked him up.

        And Jack, Will, and I went on a crazy adventure to Ilsa De Muerta to defeat Barbossa and thwart his evil plans, we sailed to Ilsa Cruces to find Davy Jones's chest and key.  And now my beloved husband was forced by the goddess Calypso to bring lost at sea souls to the other side.  Will had stabbed the heart of Davy Jones's heart and now his took it's place.  Now my Will can only see me once every ten years, I have this night and then I have ten years to wait till I see my beloved husband.

      Then I looked down at what I was wearing, I had on a purple japanese blouseand skirt with an armor shoulder-guard and dress on top of that.  And I was wet and dirty.   

      I pulled aside my first mate Tai Hung and told him to get as close to shore as possible and to let me out and to then bring the Empress into town and restock and rest.

                                                                                         * * * 

      I walked into my Captain's Cabin which had a raised plat-form with a pedestal and a basin of tea leaf water, I washed my face in the basin of water and changed into a long flowing gray dress and braided my hair around my head clasping it with three turquoise beads.  Then I put on some makeup and lipstick.  Then I tucked my sword into my belt and headed out onto my ship's deck.

                                                                                       * * *   

     "Tai Hung!" I shouted, "How soon will we be there", I asked my first mate.

      "Captain, we will send you out on a row boat in a minute here",  Tai Hung in his heavy Asian accent.

       Lian and Park dressed me a row boat and handed me a pair of oars.  Then I got off the Empress and rowed off to the island, I saw that the Flying Dutchman sailed up and droped a boat.

                                                                                        * * *      

        I waited patiently for Will to arrive.  When his boat beached up next to mine I ran through the white soft sand in my bare feet.  I wrapped my arms around Will's neck.

      "Will, I'm so sorry, so sorry," I said as cool wet tears ran down my face.

       "Elizabeth, remember me always," Will said as tears trickled down his face as well, "My heart has always belonged to you and it still will," Will said as he handed me a chest and key and pressed it into my hands.

        "But Will, thiis is such a big responsibility I-I," I stiffled.  And the our lips met, the sun had sunk behind the horizon and Will stepped in to the tide, a flash of green light shot up into the sky, a great man Joshamee Gibbs once told me that it signafied a soul leaving this world without being dead.  I was left alon with my hair and dress whipping in the wind.

       I was alone with the still beating heart of my husband...

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