Ground Floor

I wrote this for a school book club competition. It's my first Movellas story, and I really want to see what people think! Please leave a comment so I know what to improve on.


1. Prologue

I live in a normal apartment, on the ordinary 347th floor. It’s all the same up here, the typical dull furniture and regular view (of not much). All in all, the usual boringness.

I tend to stand on our raised patio – that is a floor-level patio raised 1041 metres above the ground – and looked down on the world below. You know, to see what I can see. It tends to be not much, just the everyday hover-bubbles and air-transport bays, bobbing along in the opaque clouds of smoke. The thing is, because the earth is over a kilometre away, it’s quite difficult to see down there. But no matter how long you spend travelling through air so thin you need an oxygen mask/Artificially Secured Breathing Zone just to stay alive, the realization that the journey to ground level would probably kill you, let alone what’s down there, is never pleasant.

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