You Belong With Me

Lela has been best friends with Zayn Malik since they were in diapers, but everything changes when Zayn tries out for X Factor and becomes famous, leaving Lela all alone, but then fate brings them together. Things were going good untill Perrie Edwards showed up. Now its a war to win Zayn's heart! Will Lela win or will she leave all love behind?


3. Suprise! Suprise!

     I decided to take a shower before I went to meet Zayn because I wanted to look my best. As I was in the shower I thought of all the things that Zayn could say to me at the gazebo. Could he be telling that he his truly, madly, deeply in love with me? Or could he be telling me that he is moving away to a far way country and that I will never see him again? All the posibilites raced through my head as I picked out an extra cute outfit to wear to meet Zayn. I decided on a pair of white skinny jeans, a pale pink ruffly top, and a pair of all white converses. I let my extremly red hair that was now wet fall down my back. As I grabbed my purse to leave my cellphone started to vibrate as I got a text. It read:

From Zayn: Hey, I'm already there! You didn't forget did you?

I chuckled as I put my cellphone in my back pocket. I bounded down the steps, but then was quickly stopped by my 10 year old brother Braxton. "Where you going? Out, I replied. Out where. Out and about. Are you going to meet Zayn somewhere. Maybe. Ohhhhh Lela and Zayn sitting in a tree. KISSING. First-- I cut him off as I pushed to the side and walked to the door. Lela?, my mom said.  Dang! I walked in to see my mom working on the computer. Are you leaving? Yep. Braxton walked in. She's going to meet her boyfriend ZAYN!! My face was fire red from anger. HE IS NOT MY BOYFRIEND, I yelled. Whatever you say." I stormed out the house and slammed the door. I decided to put on my iPod to get my mind off of things. Somewhere Only We Know by Keane started to play. I loved this song. I cut through the grass to the park and started walking down the grassy trail that connected to the main street in England. I finally arrived at the gazebo that was awaited by Zayn. He turned around as he saw me walk in and sit down next to him.

     It was quitet. I looked around and took in the silence as I looked at the trees and the pinkish-grayish sky above us. Zayn cleared his throat. "So, um I wanted to talk to you about something." Oh, God. Here it goes. "You know that night when you were at my house and we were making cupcakes. Yeah, I said as I smiled remembering me and Zayn covered and flour and using the spoons as microphones as we danced around and sung You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift. Well, my mum overheard my singing. Okay, I said a little confused. She thinks I have a really good voice and I have always loved to sing. I didn't like where this was going, but I nodded and said "You have and amazing voice. Well my mom has been telling me that I should show off my talent to the world, but I just didn't think I was ready for it yet. But a week ago I woke up and deceided that I wanted to really perform. So I filled out the paperwork  Ms. George, the chorus teacher gave me about 3 years ago and-- and I'm going to try out for the X Factor."

     Zayn stared at me intently as he waited for my response. Wow is all I could say. "That's-- That's pretty major, I mean you've never done anything like this. Are you sure you want to try out for the X Factor? Yeah, I mean it's always kinda been my dream to be a famous singer. Who knows maybe I could make it big. The smile on his face was so big I just couldn't crush his dreams like that. I stood up. So when are you leaving? 2 weeks. I bit my lip hard trying not to cry. Zayn hugged me as he said, Don't cry Lela. I'll stay if you want me to. I mean I really don't have to go you know. No, Zayn. You have to try out for the X Factor so you can be what you always wanted to be. Are you sure. Yes, Zayn. I want you to try out for the X Factor. You have my approval."

     Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and do over that whole night.

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