You Belong With Me

Lela has been best friends with Zayn Malik since they were in diapers, but everything changes when Zayn tries out for X Factor and becomes famous, leaving Lela all alone, but then fate brings them together. Things were going good untill Perrie Edwards showed up. Now its a war to win Zayn's heart! Will Lela win or will she leave all love behind?


4. College Life

* 2 Years Later*

I flopped on my bed tired from today's class. Thank God today was the last day of school. Summer Break HERE I COME. I was kind of bummed though because all of my friends were going somewhere cool like Hawaii or New Zealand and all I was just going home to Bradford, England. That's when the call came.

I put the phone up to my ear. "Hey sweetie, my mom said. Hey, I replied. Well, you don't sound so cheery. Sorry, it's just that all my friends are going somewhere for summer vacation, but I guess it's okay because at least I'll be seeing you guys for the next couple of weeks. The line was silent for a while. Umm... Mom? Oh yeah? Is everything okay?'s just that your brother was excepted on this trip to America and it was paid for and everything. Cool! So, I'm going to be traveling America with my family. Another long silence. Mom? see...the trip only paid for 2 so..."

You know how in the movies where happy music is playing and then all of a sudden a record scratch plays because something bad has happened. Well that's how I felt. "WHAT, I said as I sat up in my bed. At that moment my roomate Britt walked in. "What do you mean it only paid for 2. Do you expect me to spend my whole summer here by myself in Oxford with absolutly nothing to do? I know I should've told you sooner, but I was just busy and-- please don't be angry. We can call and skype (once she figures out how to use the computer) every single day. I promise." I sighed. I'm not angry, just upset I won't be able to see my family for awhile. Tell Brax Congrats for me. I hope you guys have a good time. Thanks for understanding sweetie. Love you. I hesitated. Love you to and then I hung up.

"What was all that? Nothing. Should I help you pack for Guam. (LUCKY) Are you sure everything is okay? Yep." I put on my best fake smile. She rolled her eyes. "Liar she said, but that's okay though." As we packed we talked about all the things she would be doing in Guam. "I wish you could come with me to Guam tomorrow. Yeah, but that's okay I'll try to have some fun here in Oxford. Try and get some sleep and I'll take you to the airport in the morning."

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