Tale of Secrets

Faith, is in a horrible situtation, her moms passing was hard on her, but she never knew what her mom was really doing. Now everyone wants answers, Faith as to find the Tales between the secerets. Will anyone help her along her journey?

Lialicious, LittleMissGeek & Charrdy_Grace_1D are my co-authors:) go check out their movelals


1. The Move

Faiths POV

I was sitting on my bed in my new bedroom--we just moved to Italy from America, boxes were everywhere. Me and my best guy friend that is--my eyes are all red, I have been crying for hours. Soon I feel a warm around me. It was Ben. He has been taking care of me scence my moms passing. I give him a hug, and wipe my tears away, he hands me a cup of tea. "Thanks" I say glumly between sniffles. As he starts rubbing my back to confert me. After my tea I set the cup down and lay in his lap. Ben was like a brother to me.

(I know friend zone, just wait untill later in the story)

I sit up and head towards the kitchen, Ben followed me. "You hungry? I can make you something if would like?" he says with care, he was worried about me, you could tell in his voice.

"It's ok" I smile. He always thinks of others. He also loves to just plain cook. "I can make something myself, but you could help me if you want." He smiles as he hurres over to the fridge and pulls out 5 different kinds of cheese, butter and milk. I walk over to the cupport and pull out noodles. I take out a pot and place it over the stove. Soon two arms come around me, Ben was adding the milk and the butter into the pot. I grabbed another pot and started cooking the noodles as Ben made the cheese sause. 10min later we were eating homemade mac en' cheese. Soon after that, It was 10:00pm and ready for bed. While Ben was cleaning up, I ran into his room and "stole" one of his T-shirts I put it on with some of my shorts. I pull my long light wavy brown hair into a ponytail, and brush my teeth. I walk into my room and crawl into the covers and go to sleep......


'Knock Knock' a fist pounded on the door down stairs, it sounded like thunder bolted on the door. It was 1:00am, so I was extreamly scared. Why someone would be here? I see Ben running past my room and down the stairs with a baceball bat only wearing boxers. I giggled.

Snaping back into reality I slowly creep out of my bed and over to the phone. I pick the phone up and head to the top of the stairs. I could see Ben was looking out the window to see who was there.

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