I Only Want More

This is a story about two best friend who fall in love. But it is not your classic, sweet, romantic story. It's dark and twisted. There's more to this girl's story than she tells, and he is determined to help her out.

This is a Louis fanfic :) its 13+ because there's a lot of cussing, sexual scenes and some general bad things. Also please don't read it if you find it triggering.


1. Running

*Havelyn's POV*

I woke up and I couldn't really see anything, everything was all blurry. Someone was yelling at me and shaking me, but I couldn't tell who it was. They pulled me up and dragged me with them as we ran away from something I couldn't see. I guessed my feet were moving because I was going forward, even though I really couldn't feel below my waist. There was a loud ringing in my ears and I couldn't hear anything other than that. I looked to my left to see a girl running beside me, but I couldn't make out who it was. To my right was a boy but I didn't know who that was either. I just kept running. We ran through some woods and through some lawns and jumped over fences. I didn't know where we were going and I didn't know why we were running. It felt like we were running forever and then all of a sudden, we stopped. We were standing in the middle of a clearing and it looked familiar but I didn't know why. I closed my eyes and all of a sudden I was on the ground and someone was leaning over me. 

"Hav? Havelyn? Can you hear me?" The person was saying but I couldn't make my mouth move. I blinked my eyes a couple of times and my vision slowly became clearer. I realized that it was my best friend Louis that was talking to me. I stared up at him and I realized that his pupils were huge. I guessed that if his were huge like that, then mine were too. I sat up and looked around. It was lighter out, it looked like the sun was about to rise. I saw a few people laying around the remains of a bonfire.I looked back at Louis and he was staring at me. 

"What happened?" I asked, my voice sounding like I hadn't talked in days.

"Cops showed up last night and we ran and got away and we all crashed here." He sounded really tired and I guessed he hadn't been to sleep, and if he did, he didn't sleep much. 

"I really don't remember much. How much did I take last night?" I asked.

"Hav I don't remember either besides the cops and us running. You passed out here like as soon as we got here. Are you going to be in a lot of trouble?"

"Probably, but who the hell cares?" I said standing up. My legs were a bit shaky but other than that I felt fine. "But I do have to go now. Don't wanna piss the queen off too much." I said with a smirk. When I said queen, I mean my mother. I shuddered at the thought of her being my mother. I was nothing like the rest of my family. I hugged Louis and kissed his cheek. As I was walking away, I looked back and saw him trying to wake the others. That was Louis Tomlinson for you though, doing what he can to always help others. He was like the dad of our little group, even though he was only a month older than me. Though he may be the dad, I was the boss. They all looked up to me and I helped them to stay away from bad deals and helped the girls when they were working the streets, to stay away from the creepers and abusers. 

It took me a while to get to my house, and the sun had come up. I knew I was going to be in a lot of trouble but I really didn't care because I was already permanently grounded for getting caught shoplifting. When I walked up to the house, I looked in the windows to see if they were awake yet. I didn't see anybody so I figured it was safe to walk in the front door. I slowly pushed the door open and carefully stepped in and took my muddy converse off. I would probably get in even more trouble if I got mud and dirt all over my mother's clean house. I slowly made my way upstairs and into my room without being caught. My clock said that it was 7:32 so my sisters should be up soon. I had two little demons for sisters. They were twins with perfect straight blonde hair. They were almost like 8 year old copies of my mother, right down to the condescending tone and disapproving glare. 

 My mother thought she was better than everyone else because our family was rich. My dad was a CEO of a big company. We had like everything at our house. There were so many pointless rooms in our huge ass house and they were all filled with furniture that no one ever used. My room was HUGE. It had the normal stuff like a bed, which was king sized, a dresser, a chest of drawers and desk. But there was also a 42 in flat screen tv, an xbox 360, a couch, a love seat, and a couple recliners and I had a mini fridge. And then there was also my own bathroom that was huge also. I had a separate shower and a jacuzzi tub and a huge walk in closet. It was awesome and this was where I spent most of my time. 

I fell asleep for a couple hours, I knew no one would want to bother me. My family basically ignored me and acted like I didn't exist. When I woke up, it was almost dark out side. I got up and walked into the bathroom to take a shower. When I was done and had walked out, I stood in front of my mirror, wrapped in a towel. Bleh. I walked into my closet and put on a pair of shorts, a black, tight short sleeve shirt, and a black jacket. I walked out and brushed and dried my long curly black hair. I put on my makeup and when I felt satisfied with my looks, I walked out of my room and went down stairs. I put on my converse and started walking out the door when the devil called my name.

"Havelyn? Could you come here please?" She called from the dining room. I sighed and turned around and walked in, they were all eating dinner.

"Yes?" I asked annoyed. 

"Why don't you sit down and have dinner with us for once?" My father asked, trying to look like he meant it but I knew that he really didn't care. 

"Sorry but I'm going out to meet some friends." I said, starting to turn to leave.

"Havelyn where were you last night?" My mother asked in a very disapproving tone.

"Out with friends." I replied causally.

"When did you get home last night?" She asked like she knew that I hadn't actually come home last night. 

"Um about 7:30." I said.

"Really now? Because I don't seem to remember you coming in when we were all watching a movie."

"Well I came in through the side door, so you wouldn't have seen me right?" I said with a smile. She looked angry. "But I really must be going now mum so bye." I didn't even wait to be excused, or for any of them to answer back, I just turned and left. 



(A/N) so what do you guys think so far? I know I said this would be up earlier, but I started video chatting with a friend and it lasted a lot longer than I thought it would aha. Btw, if you couldn't tell, they're all druggies. When you do drugs, your pupils get huge and sometimes you can't remember things ( I researched it aha this is not from personal experience) It's kinda slow right now but there shall be more drama and interesting things coming soon :) 

I'd also love if you guys told me what you think about a Larry fanfic. :) Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!! love you all x

Tell me what you think or give me ideas or if you want to be in any of the fanfics (not including I'm In Love With You at the moment) you can tweet me @maddimonsterr or email me at mmccra214@gmail.com


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