Look After You

*Takes place in 2019*
Sequel to Together As One (you don't have to read TAO to understand this one) Niall and Lily are all grown up and married. It's time to make some life decisions. (Also on Wattpad.com)


1. Convince


{Lily's POV}

     Beep! Beep! I opened the microwave and a gust of butter scented air rushed toward my face. I got a bowl from the top shelf cabinet and emptied the popcorn into it. Then, I went back into the living room to watch my movie.

     Ten minutes into it, I heard the front door open and close. “Lily! I’m home babe!” My husband, Niall yelled. We had been married for a year and six months. I remembered the time I first met Niall, the time he, my best friend Louis, and the other guys were on the X Factor. When they got off the show, I moved to London with my older brother, Oliver, and finished university. Niall and I started dating a year after the X Factor. 3 years later, we got married.

     Niall walked into the living room, grabbed a handful of popcorn from my bowl, and sat down on the couch next to me. He reached across me, grabbed the remote, and turned off the T.V. “Hey! I was watching that!” I said, playfully hitting his arm with a cushion. “Babe can we talk?” He asked in a serious tone. “Uhh sure what’s up?” I asked. “I’ve been thinking about it and…I want us to have a baby.” He said, after taking my hand. My jaw dropped. When I regained my ability to speak, I said, “Niall. Do you really think that’s a good idea right now? I mean, you’re always traveling and working and I’m always busy with the store and putting together shows. Where are we going to find time for a baby?” He smiled. “I already thought about that!” He said enthusiastically. “I talked to Paul about our schedule and he said that we only have to travel once more until next year. Besides, Lou and El can do it with two, so why cant we with one?” He was right. Louis and Eleanor had two and so did Zayn and Perrie. They were perfectly fine. So why couldn’t we do it with only one? Just then, our mini Beagle, Nando, came trotting into the living room where Niall and I sat. Niall picked Nando up and started petting him. ‘Niall would be a really good dad’ I decided in my head. I always knew that he would. “I think Nando needs a walk. You coming? I want to finish this conversation.” I agreed and we got our shoes and left the house. We had a pretty big house in a really private neighborhood with only about 12 houses in it. The community was gated off and you needed a code to get in. Each of the 1D boys and their girlfriends/fiancées/ wives lived in the same neighborhood. In the middle of the neighborhood, there was a huge park. Niall put Nando on his leash and walked out the door as I followed. We walked to the park and talked about the pro’s and con’s of having a baby. In the end, I agreed. When I did, Niall cheered, picked me up, and spun me around. I had to admit, I was pretty excited, too. 

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