Sam's Adventure

Sam and her best friend Kellie embark on an adventure in the forest on a cliff-side. Kellie sees some dark and dangerous things, but when she tries to warn Sam, Sam refuses to listen or believe her. On the way, the best friends bump into their worst enemies: Sandra & Holly. Will the four make friends and try to stay alive, or will the tables turn, and bestfriends become sworn enemies?


1. The walk

"I'm so tired" Kelly Moaned.

"Just keep on walking" Sam told her. They both carried on walking, until, finally they found a nice place to sit down and eat there pack-up. Kelly wanted to go and look through the trees, so she got up and started to wondering through the tall trees. And suddenly Kelly found a scary monster, a gorgon, Kelly tryed not to look at the gorgon, Kelly thought to her self thinking if the gorgon had seen her, I hope she hasn't! Kelly wished, what if she had and what if shewas walking up to her right now. Kelly turned and saw her looking into a mirror and after a while the gorgon could see Kelly in her mirror, the Gorgon turned round and Kelly quickly ran back to Sam, with the gorgon running behind her.

"SAM, SAM THERE'S A GORGON RIGHT BEHIND ME, WE HAVE GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE!!!" Kelly screamed. But Sam wouldn't listern she just carried on eating her sandwich and then something got Sam's attention and Sam ning fater than Sam when Sam is alot faster than Kelly and it was because Kelly was more than frightened. Suddenly Kelly felt a lump in her pocket and she reached into her pocket and got out her mirror and she remembered thatGorgons can turn people to stone, so Kelly opened up her mirror and started to shine the mirror in her face and about 11 seconds later you could hear a crackle and the gorgon turned to stone.

"Wow! that was amazing Kelly" Sam said in shock.

"It was wasn't it."

"Let's go home Kels."

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