Amy Cardinal came home one normal sunny day to her suitcases being packed and at the door. When her parents say " We can't afford to keep you anymore." They disown her and kick her onto the streets with nowhere to go. She meets a boy named Tanner, who helps her to dance. But when she thinks of herself being released, she cries and runs into an alley, whomb she meets a very attractive Zayn. Read for more-->


1. My World Crashed.

Amy Cardinal, just any normal teenager, with her dark brown wavy hair reaching down to her shoulder blades. And her beautiful blue/brown/grey mixed eyes. Amy one day came home after a satisfying day at school. " Hey mom!" Then she noticed her suitcases full of her own stuff lying by the door. Were we going on a trip? She asked herself. But yet no one else's suitcases weren't anywhere around. It gave her confusion, so she decided to ask. " Uh, mom? Why is my suitcase by the door? And why isn't there any of yours, or Eric's, or daddies'? What's going on?"Her mom took a deep sigh, and took a few seconds to put the explanation into words.

" Amy, I know you'll never forgive me." A few tears dropped onto her cheeks. "This is hard for me, and Daddy..." She was getting really confused, why is it so hard for her to explain? WHy is she crying about it? " What about Eric?" "He doesn't know about it, yet." " About what?!" She yelled as her voice raised higher and higher. "We don't have enough money to keep you here. So we... have to leave." Her mom started crying like no tomorrow. But Amy stood still, frightened. Why? Why was this happening to her?

She was having a good day, and all of a sudden her world crashed. As If everything good about her life magically dissappeared. " B-but I can try and ask Grandma for help. I can try finding a job, or we can move in with her. I me-- No Amy! Im sorry but you must leave! It's final, now get out!"Amy ran out the door with her suitcases and ran till she seen the little fort her and her little brother, Eric played in as younger kids. She remembered the time when they said they'd be Best Brother and Sister Ever. She wanted to smile, but it only made her cry more, because she knew she would never be able to see him again. She climbed inside and looked at the picture they both drew. She started to cry hard, like she never ever did before.

After a few minutes of crying and whimpering, she heard a couple noises nearby. She was scared. What if her mom got a call that if Amy wasn't killed, her mom would be killed. And maybe that's why she had to kick her out. Then maybe she hired some people to kill her. She became terrified. No, traumatized. Who the hell was it? And were they to hurt her?

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