Why'd you leave?

Arana Holland is bestfriends with Harry Styles, they grew up together! Then one day he suddenly leaves and tries out for the X-Factor. With all his fame he forgets about her, she meets him at a signing and he askes her to stay with them at a beach house, but will she fall for another boys? Will he get the girl he wants? Does someone snatch her up?


5. Rejection?

Arana's P.O.V

   I was mouring over the fact that he has to leave me. Then I got another text from him.

Harry> I did it!!!!!! I'm in!!!!! Can't wait!!!! Did you see me?? I am coming back for a week, then we start the next auditions!!!! I will be home in an hour!! Will you come see me???

 I wanted to say something to him, but just didn't know what to say or how to say it.

Arana> Yeah I watched, good job. That is great news.

Harry> Can I take you for dinner tonight?

Arana> ...Sure...

Harry> Good, be ready soon love. XoXo. See you soon. Lots of Love <3

Arana> I'll be ready then.

  I didn't want to go to dinner with him, but I guess I should. If he is happy I should be to then, right? I decided to get ready since he is taking me out.

   Harry's P.O.V

  I can't believe I'm in!! I am moving on with my singing career. This is so good. I don't think Arana is to happy about it though, I don't even think she wants to go to dinner with me. I feel really bad about the audition, I should have made her come. I should have never even done it. I was riding in the car with my family, they were all super happy for me, but yet I felt bummed. I felt horrible for Arana.

   We finally made it home, I rushed into my house, to friends and family there to greet me. I ignored them and got changed, I wanted to see Arana.

  After I got changed I texted Arana, if she wanted me to come get her, but she didn't reply. I felt bad for her, so I ran downstairs. I grabbed my jacket and walked to the door. "Harry!" My mom called to me. "Are you ok? Why did you ignore these people that are here to congraulate you?" She hissed. "Good bye mom." I Said walking out of the door and down the street. I felt bad for dissing those people, but I wanted to see Arana.

 I made it to Arana's house, I knew the door would be unlocked so I opened it. "Arana?" I asked walking inside. Then I saw her dad, he always grossed me out. He was tall and fat and always smelled nasty. "Harry, wern't you just on that singing show?" He asked me. I nodded. "How did you get from my T.V to my house?" He asked me. "Uh...magic. Is Arana here?" I asked trying to move past him. "Sure, go upstairs." He said moving out of my way. I ran up the trash filled steps and to her room. Her door was closed so I opened it. There she was standing by her bed. SHE WAS ONLY WEARING A BRA AND PANTIES. She screamed. "It's only me!" I yelled. "Get out!" She yelled, she tried covering her self with a blanket. I walked in the room and shut the door. "It's ok." I smiled, I felt my cheeks get red. "No!" She yelled. "Harry, please go away! I am not ready!" She cried to me. She walked closer to me. She was irrisitable. Her body was amazing. I don't understand why she doesn't want me to see. "I am not leaving this room!" I shouted. She finally gave in. "Fine Harry. Since you won't leave, you can stay, but only under one condition. You will turn around and won't look at me until I say you can." Just then, I felt myself starting to get a boner. OH NO!! This is not the right time to be getting aroused, but I couldn't help myself. I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her so close to me that she could feel my buldge. Oh man, I wanted her so bad. I had a very strong urge to throw her on the bed, rip off her clothes, have her rip mine off, and make endless, passionate love to her. She shook me out of my trance. She screamed, "HARRY!! NO!!!" Why is she not cooperating with me? "Arana, what's wrong? Don't you want this?" I asked. "Harry, I'm sorry." She looked at me from head to toe, stopping at my massive buldge, and blushing quite a bit. I cupped her face into my hands. "Did you mean what you said earlier about me Arana?" She hesitated, but she finally answered me. "Of course I mean it..." She doesn't finish her sentence and I am starting to get frustrated. "Arana, are you rejecting me?" She looked into my eyes, those sea blue eyes are making me lose all the self-control I had left. She makes me go crazy! And that's when she...

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