This is before One Direction is famous. Zayn Malik and Jackie Nilon are best friends. They both go to Tong High. Jackie is bullied and Zayn always sticks up for her but, when Zayn leaves to try out for X Factor what will happen?


1. Flashback

If you get low just call me wheneva!
~Oath By: Cher Lloyd

Jackie's POV

I remember when me and Zayn first met. It was last year ninth grade I was a transfer student from America. On the first day of school Zayn was chosen to show me to all of my classes. We were put together to be lab partners in a volcano project. The team to make the most realistic looking valcano and lava wins. We were best friends ever since. We are in the same class again this year. He told me he was leaving to try out for X Factor. I have always wanted to try out for a show like that but I am too shy. Zayn has always encouraged me to try out with him. He was the only person who has heard me sing except my parents. Zayn has always been the big brother I've never had. He is always there for me and never lets me down. I'm going to the auditions with him but, I'm not trying out!

The problem is I get bullied by this girl named Brianna and Zayn always sticks up for me! If he gets through he won't be able to stand uo for me and i can't stand up for myself. No way! But, at least he is following his dream because I can't.

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