Fighting For Love....

Sarah is just an ordinary directioner. She has to move to Holmes Chapel. she is very excited about this she jokes and says what if I run into one direction! to her friends back in her hometown.
Maybe she will
maybe 3 of the boys will fall for her and they all will fight for her.
who will she chose?
will she end up alone.


1. Finding Out!

Sarah's POV

It was an ordinary day for me. get up around 11 brush my teeth and get ready. But one thing was different.

I had just got up and went downstairs to get breakfast. My mom was on the phone with my Aunt. She was talking about Holmes Chapel. My Aunt lives in California. She got off the phone smiling. "I have good news Sarah!" She said. "What is it?" I asked curiously. "We are moving!!!" She yelled. "uh where?" "Holmes Chapel!" She yelled. "Oh." I said not noticing that thats where Harry was from. Then it hit me. "Wait thats where Harry Styles is from!!!" I yelled. "Oh goodness." She said. Then I remembered that I was leaving my friends. "When are we leaving?" I asked "Oh and why?" i added. "uhm tomorrow and for this job." She said "Okay." I said. My mom is A photographer. "Hey will you get to have a shoot with One Direction?" i asked jokingly. "probobly not love." she said. I smiled. "Okay lets get packing!" she said. "Okay I will!" i said. 

I went up to my room and looked around. All of my One Direction posters on every wall. I took them all down. and rolled them up. I put all of my clothes in suitcases. And my makeup in boxes and shoes. It was kinda sad but I was excited! 


how am I tell my friends?

I texted my friend Jaycee It read. 'Hey love I have bad news..... I'm moving.... To Holmes Chapel where Harry Syles lives!!!! but come see me today like now so we can say bye..... ): xx'

A minute later I got a text 'For real?!?! thats exciting maybe you will meet One Direction! but i'm saddddddd now I have no bestfriend...... x'

I replied. 'just come over!'

'k' she replied.

I went downstairs. Then Jaycee came in the door. "Oh my gosh!! i'm going to miss you Sarah!" "I will miss you too!!!!" I said. we talked for a long time then she had to leave. "bye I will miss you love." "Bye! i will miss you to text me!" She said. "Okay." Then she left. I texxted my friends and told them they called me so we talked.

We were all ready to leave tomorrow morning at 7 we have to leave...... 

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