Breaking Apart (FAMOUS)

TT and Hayley are really good friends. Then they go out for Dance Team and go to state. They meet somebody and all they wanted was to have sometime with each other. But when ever these boys break them a part these other boys bring them back together as friends again!


1. Dance Team


"Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen. Today we are going to be having a Fun day today! Then we will be on Christmas Break!!!!! Today for lunch we will be having a surprise Dinner for Lunch today. Today if you are interested in the the school Dance Team. Then please sign up. If the teachers think you are really good then you will get to go to state the others will get to cheer at games and at the end of the school. Same with the State winners! Good Luck to all of you. Have a nice day Ladies and Gentleman and a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.


Great the Morning Talk what fun this will be! "Interested in the school Dance Team." Dance Team so doing that.

"Hayles you going to try the school the dance team?"

"Yah, you?"

"Yep. Can't wait! :)" I said Laughing.

"SO do you want to start dancing after school your place?"

"Sure. What type of song are we doing?"

"One Direction duh!"

"Okay! :) How about Live While Were Young and Kiss You?"

"Yah Those Songs Are good!"


After school we went to sign up for the Dance Team. We were the first two! We walked to my place cause my Mum was at work and my dad had pasted due to Cancer. I cant take a bus cause it doesent go anywhere near my place. So Hayley and I just walked to my house. Once we got there it was 345pm. Hayley and I got Starbucks on the way to my place cause it was on the way. I got some Apple Jucie and two cookies and Hayley got a Carmel Apple Spice and also two cookies. When we got to my palce we went and drank our drank and ate our cookies. We watched The Notebook. After that my mum came home and made us supper and then After that Hayley and I watched The X-Factor and then we headed to bed.

Author's note-
Hey Everyone We are going to make the next chapter longer so you guys can understand it. But comment and yah! :) LOL We will just have fun making this story. So hope you guys injoy it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOUIS TOMLINSON <3 LOVE YOU ALL ONE DIRECTION BOYS!!!! Also Merry Christmas to Everyone!!!!!

Taylor and Hayley

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