Never Have Love Before

Alex Higgins , a 17 year old soccer player / bodyguard , had been trainied by her father (Paul Higgins ) . Paul was in the living room while Alex was in the garden training . Nial Horan was in the kichten see her .


1. Getting to know you

Niall Point Of View
The lads and I want to go pay a vist to Paul .We put our disguses , while we were on the car I got hungry.
"Liam I am hungry " I winced . "You can eat at Paul's house"Liam said.
When we in the driveway, I ran to the door.
"Niall ! Nice to see you" Paul said. " Food!" I ran inside went to the kichten . When I got there ,I got chips and was eat. Until I turn around , a girl was training with a soccer ball. My eyes were attracted on the girl. The ball come toward the window. The girl turn around . Our eyes were unsepartable until Liam was call me. The girl came to get a water bottle.
"Hi , who are you ?" The girl asked. "Hi I am Niall . Niall Horan." I said shyly." Alex Higgins .Wanna play soccer?" Alex asked. "Sure." I said. We played for a while. We sat against the tree. " Wanna play 20 question?" I said. "Yeah." Alex said. "You go first" I said . " Why are you here?" Alex asked. "Visiting your dad with the other lads but got hungry and was eating so chips"Niall said.
" What kind of music do you like?"
"Almostly any thing but my favorite band is One Direction, but my dad block there images in google but have their CD for my birthday . My dad put a lot of cat picture in front. He is very overprotected some times.
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