This is a man's world?

A tongue in cheek outlook on life to prompt some thought :)


1. A man's world?

This is a man's world so the song goes, but hold on a second, evaluate the pro's. Men come second best in many aspects of life, before we go bald we have to snatch a wife!

We can't multi-task, talk or let our feelings known and as for the doctor's, we're just on our own.

We men understand we were given the Earth, we're more than aware that a woman gives birth.

But take in social factors, like attracting a mate, I'm waving a flag and can't get a date!

I must confess though that I understand the points that it's men who permit people to get into joints.

I understand the control, the influence and power, but since when were they more influential than a flower?

This is a man's world, and each to his own... But remember your origins and the places from which you've grown.
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