In Love With My Teacher ( Harry Styles Fanfic)

Stella is your typical highschool student in her senior year. Her schooling is almost straight A's, that is until she gets her new Maths teacher, Mr Styles. Will love pull through? or will his job and her schooling be put first?


1. My Typical Life

~**~ Stellas POV ~**~

Heyy, my names Stella, Stella Stone and well my life isnt too exciting, im just ur typical highschool girl trying to finish her senior year. I live in my hometown, Homles Chaple with my Mother and Father and am an only child. Being an only child has its upsides but also its downsides, sometimes you want to have someone to turn to and talk to that isnt your parents...but i deal with it.


Thats my sign that its a new day, one less day until highschool is over. I get up and wandering into the bathroom, I could spend hours in the shower, its my time to think. I jump out and wander over to my closet, i pick out a pair of shorts and a tank top nothing to flash, i mean, its just school. I decide to leave my hair down, i give it a few tweeks and twerks and brush it so it doesnt look lyk the birds nest i had when i woke up. i add a little eyeliner and mascara and im done.

I grab my bad off my bed and head downstairs.

"Morning honey" mum said from the kitchen

"Morning" i say, sounding ever so excited about school

I sit down and mum sits a bowl of cereal on the table for me

"Thanks mum" i say as i begin to eat

Once finished i grab my bag and give my mum a kiss on the cheek before making my way to the door. As usual my best friend Lia is standing as the bottom of my drive way waiting for me to walk to school with her.

"bye mum!" i yell and run down the drive way

"Hey Stel!" she says

"Hey!" i reply as we start to walk down the path to school

We enter the school gates and head to out lockers, which just so happen to be next to each other. 

"Heyy girls!!" I hear a voice call from down the hall, and of course its out friends Hayden and Matt. Yea so two of my closest friends are guys who cares right? i mean, less drama.

"Heyy guys, sup?" i reply giving each of them a hug.

"not much, just hanging out with our two favourite girls" he said smiling

"whateva" i say not being able to hold back my laughter.

 I get out my books for my first class and Lia and I head to English which just so happened to have all three of my friends in it, we all have practically the same schedule apart from maths, maths I only have Lia, but thats ok, every girl needs a break from boys everynow and again right?

We take our seats and in walks Mrs Heath...oh she was a gem...and her fashion sense wasnt that great either... skirt past the knee, old button up top, orange cardigan,  high orange socks pulled up to the knee and just to top it off, big bulky black grandma shoes...

"ok class get out ur Romeo and Juliet books, and start reading from page 34" we all followed our instructions and began reading. I never believed in this romeo and juilet stuff...i mean, love? really? Love is just some made up my books anyway

I feel a tap on my shoulder, from Lia, who sits behind me. i turn around a little, enough to see her but not enough to get noticed. She hands me a note and I turn back around, i check that lil miss gem isnt looking before unfolding the note

Apparently we have a new teacher for maths! hes apparently really hot!

I turn round and give her a look as if to say "Eww" thinking about the fact that the only teachers that we have ever had for maths have been old and certainly not hot!

"Miss Stone!" my eyes shot up to see Mrs Heath, fuming.

"yea?" i reply innocently

"would you like to share your little convosation with the rest of the class?" she asks

"well! ok!, so the-" I slapped my hand over Lias mouth before she let the whole class know about her "hot maths teacher" situtation.

"no we're fine thanx" i reply quickly

"ok then, well keep your head in your book thankyou!" she replied as she turned back to the board.

i give Lia a shotting look, and if looks could kill, she would be dead by now. She gave me the "what?" look, i just rolled my eyes and continued reading the so called love story.

The time flew in english, the boys playing jokes and snickering about Mrs Heath made the time go really fast, watching her fume up over it was the funniest thing, and for once it wasnt me she was angry at. The bell rings and we pack away our books and head to our next class.

Lia and I walk into art, I love art, it gives me a way to express myself and if I do say so myself, Im pretty good. Im mainly a drawer, I like to draw  things from my perspective, which no one ever gets to see apart from in my drawings, it expresses how I see the world.

We take our seats and begin. We are working on our major works for our final marks. Im drawing for mine of course. Hayden and Matt sat behind Lia and I, and lets say, their art wasnt technically up to standard, so we would have to help them every now and again.

"Stel! Which paint brush do I use for the background!" he practically yelled..

I turned around and looked at what he was doing, "you use the once with the most brisels and the flat shape" he looked at me in confusion, i sigh "you use the big one" a smile grew on his face "Thanx stel!" He wasnt exactly up with his Art terms yet.

As always, art flew by, it was by favourite subject and it went the quickest. The rest of the school day went fairly quick aswell which was good.  Bology and even history prettty much ended in a flash and before I knew it, it was Lunch time

Lia, Hayden, Matt and I sit on the grass area under a tree. As always Hayden and Matt fight over who gets the comfortable spot to lean on the tree. Lia and I just sit back and laugh as they tackle eachother to the ground and yell perfantiys at eachother.

"I cant wait til maths" Liasaid smiling

"you hate maths!" i reply astonished

"not now" she replys with a wink and turns back to watch Hayden and Matt

Lia and I look at eachother and we knew exactly what eachother was thinking, we both got up and ran to the comfortable spot on the tree and sat there, we were only tiny girls so we could both fit. Hayden and Matt stop and look at us in shock.

"I dont think so missy!" Matt yells and the two run over to us and chuck us over their shoulders and run round with us until we begged them to stop.

The bell rang signalling that it was time for last period...Maths. Lia and I got up to head to maths and I practically had to run to keep up with her speed walking.

"slow down Lia!" i shout trying to catch up

"no i wanna see our new hotty!" she replys and keeps going

We both arrive at Maths and take our usual seats in the middle, and begin to chat away. Well in our case, me sit here listening to Lia yap on about "the new hotty".

Someone walked in the room and I looked up, he was young and had perfect curls which bounced as he walked. His eyes were like green orbs and he had a gorgeous smile. I looked at Lia who was smirking but also was just as suprised as I was.

"Hello, Im your new maths teacher, Mr Styles"






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