Summer Love

Kate and her best friend Tess work at a summer camp when 5 gorgeous guys come to the camp and apply as counselors. Kate and Tess fall in love with them, but they have competition. Will they be able to win the hearts of their beloved loves? Will some be jealous? Will there be fights? I guess you have to read to find out! :)


1. Live While We're Young

   Another year at Wawaniki Camp, I’m 19 now and things still haven’t changed.  Tess and I were in the car, singing along to all the songs that played on the radio.  My mom asked, “Girls, this year, make sure to have lots of fun because once you turn 21, you aren’t going there anymore.”  We were counselors and this was my summer part time job.  I never regretted signing up every year to come there. It was fun there and I loved seeing fresh new faces each year.  We arrived with our luggage and it was what, 5 am?  Sade was here, but the other counselors weren’t. This was odd.  I asked, “Sade, where are the others?” He answered, “Off to college.  They quit.”  I gasped, “Wow. Oh well, so it’s just me, you, and Tess.”  He shook his head, “Oh, we have 5 boys signing up later, and as the head counselor, you have to interview them.” I totally forgot about being the head counselor. 


       Sade helped us with our things and I headed into the office to get a cup of hot chocolate.  Mrs. Tender greeted me, “Morning. Wow, nice to see you. You’ve grown so much over the year.” I laughed, “Yeah.  Nice to see you too.”  The new groups of kids were coming at around 12 pm and it was only 7.  I have time to go surfing!  Well, priorities first. I have to interview the 5 boys first.  They have to be fun, outgoing, smart, safety smart, and they needed to know how to swim. (Unless, they took like the hiking or LABS job.)  Sade and I were in the kitchen making some cookies for the kids.  Tess was out kayaking. It was so unfair. She got to have all the fun.

     I threw flour at Sade’s face, “Flour face. Ahaha.”   He smiled and threw some flour back at my face.  This started war.  Tess walked in, dressed in camp clothes, “Kate!” I looked at her with flour all over my face, “Yes?”  She opened the door to reveal five guys.  I gasped and wiped my face with a towel, “Hold on.”  Sade laughed as I rushed to go greet them.  I shook their hands, “Hi. I’m Kate and I’m the head counselor.”  They introduced themselves, “I’m Zayn, I’m Harry, I’m Liam, I’m Louis, and I’m Niall.”  I smiled, “Wonderful.  Your interview will begin in a few moments.  For now, Tess will escort you to the office to sign up.” 


      I changed into my camp clothes inside Tess and my cabin.  I went back into the cafeteria and arranged the chairs.  Soon after, the guys and Tess came back in.  They all sat down facing me.  I asked, “Do all of you know how to swim? Because that’s required.”   They shook their heads.  Harry pointed to Zayn, “We all could swim, except for Zayn.”  Zayn buried his hands in his face in disappointment.  I assured him, “It’s okay. You could be in charge of the hike or something. You don’t HAVE to know how to swim.”  He smiled and sat back upright.  I asked, “Well, another thing is, for you guys who know how to swim, do you know how to save someone drowning?”   They all nodded. 


      “What do you call fun?”  I smiled, because I loved this question.  Liam joked, “Sitting at home and doing homework.” I laughed.  He corrected, “I meant jumping on trampolines and stuff like that.”  Harry said, “Well, I really like kayaking.”  I bit my lip, “Well, we have that here.  We could assign you to that.”  He smiled widely, “Really?”  I nodded.  Louis started, “Well, I like to do a lot of things.  Diving, sightseeing, and things like that.”  I smiled, “That is fun.”  Zayn said, “Biking.”  “Mmm…yup. I like that too.” I responded. 


       Niall was shifting and fidgeting.  I looked at him, “What do you like to do for fun?”  He answered, “Well, I like to party and I love to do everything to do with activities and sports.”  “Awesome.”  They all nodded again.  Louis looked at me, “You have flour in your hair.”  I looked at my hair and saw a bunch of flour caught in my hair.  I quickly rubbed it off.  They all had British accents, but Niall.  He had a rough Irish accent.  I thought that was hot.  I always wanted a British or Irish accent, but I’m stuck with an American one.  Pshhh.  That just sucked.  “You got the job.”  The words slipped out of my mouth.  I can’t let them know it was that easy to get it.  It had to be harder. 


      Tess was in charge of showing them around and I had cookies to finish baking.  Sade looked at me, “So, how was it?”  I was surprised, “You didn’t hear any of that?”  He shook his head, “I’m not a snoop. I wouldn’t listen.”  I told him, “Good. They’re pretty fun guys.  Though they weren’t like goofing around during the interview.”  He looked at me, “Well, of course.  First impression. They have to make it.”  I smiled, “It’s like you know everything.”  He laughed proudly, “Well, not everything.”  I playfully punched him, “You’re an awesome friend. What will I do without you?”  He smiled and threw some flour at me.  I cracked a smile, “Sade! I just cleaned up!”  He laughed, “Well, you gotta do it again!” 


 "Tonight let's get some...

                               And Live While We're Young"

Live While We're Young from Take Me Home Album :)

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