One Direction One Shots

These are some imagines, that I wrote! I hope you enjoy them!


1. Drunk Idiot- Harry Styles ~Sweet~

Harry and I have been dating for 2 years. Niall invited us over for a party and of course they had vodka... Harry and I weren't drinking, We were in the living room watching T.V when a drunk Zayn came in laughing, 
"Let me have a turn with her" he said and grabbed my arm. "No mate she's my girlfriend! You're drunk!" Harry pushed Zayn off me. I take a step back from zayn 
"Thanks hazz" I say. Zayn punched Harry 
"Learn to share!" he said and grabbed her again
 "Let go of me zayn!" I yell
 "No! You're mine tonight" he growled. Harry got up and tried to get me away from him, but his grip on me was too strong. I knew Harry could get him off, but I could see he didn't want to hurt me.
 "Get off!" I yell and try to pull away.
"Zayn you're drunk! Get off, of her!" He yells. Its like tug-o-war and I was the rope. He finally managed to get Zayn's hands off, of me. 
"Katy go!" He ordered her. I didn't want to leave him so, 
I got behind harry
"Drunk idiot" I mumble
"No Katy i mean go! I don't want you to see this!" He yells. I wasn't going to go. And I didn't want Harry to beat the living shit out of him. 
 "Babe, don't hurt him he's drunk" I try to reason with him.
 I heard him sigh. He knew I was right. "Fine." He punched Zayn just once.
"Harry! I told you not to hurt him!" 
 He waved it off. "I know. I know. But you know what he was gonna do to you! I knew coming here was a bad idea!"
I sigh "I know, let's just forget about it" I say
"Okay." I kissed her forehead. "Lets just go home?"
"Yeah, let's go" I said.

When we got to the car, he didn't turn it on. "Harry, you know you have to start the car in order for us to go home right?" I laughed. He looked at me seriously.
"I'm sorry okay? I don't want anyone, ever, to hurt you or treat you like that. You're mine, and should be treated with respect like every woman in the world. I love you Katy." He said sweetly. I blushed.
"I love you too Harry. And I'm sorry too." 
"You have nothing to be sorry about. It wasn't your fault." With that he kissed me passionately, just like many of the other kisses we've shared, it was perfect.


I wrote this one with help from a friend. How was it? I don't really write one shots.



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