Rumors and Relationships

A young girl (Ellie) moved into a new neighborhood. She's worried about going to a new school. Only because nobody knows her. On her very first day of school she meets a young man. (Liam Payne). He starts to notice Ellie walking around school, and takes a strong liking for her.


2. Going to the nurse

"Do you need a hand?" He asked in a bit muffled voice.

"Oh.. uhh shur." I say grabbing his out stretched hand and hopping up. 

"Do you want me to take you to the nurse. That was not a very brilliant fall." He said trying to keep in his laughter. I had to admit, she was pretty.

"Oh um no I'm all set thanks." I say trying to walk away. I  stumble a bit and he grabs my hand. 

"Let's go." He says and picks me up bridal style. 

"Well thank you. And by the way... What's your name?" I ask starring deeper into his eyes. They were gorgeous.

"My name is Liam." He says starring back. "And yours?" 

I couldn't help but blush. His word's flowed out swiftly. "I am Ellie." I say letting my feet dangle and my head fall back.

"Well Ellie this is a very special way to meet." He says trying to make eye contact as my head bobs up and down with every step.

"Yeah." I say and giggle as we walk into the office,

"Um she hit her head on the way in," Liam says looking at me with his perfect sparkling eyes.

"Well." the nurse says with her nose held high. "We should probably get you to the bed. You seem a bit giggly. A bit of rest will help that."

I nod my head and Liam carry's me over to the small green leather bed. 

"Good night." He says with a cheeky smile and turns the light out. I was sad he left me alone in  the dark in a scry office but now i had something to look forward to when i woke up.

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