Portugal or Ireland?

Actually there to study, Julia finds the love of her life in London. Mister Niall Horan, member of One Direction, one of the most famous boy-groups in the whole world!

But will the fans accept her? Will her mother accept her boyfriend?
What will it be?

Portugal.... Or Ireland?


1. I'm Niall



  I moved to London because of the university I was going to. I wanted to study Arts. Psychology belang to my options, if I couldn’t find the ‘perfect’ college for me. After I landed in the capital of England, I had to buy a raincoat. I forgot to check the weather-forecast and it was raining right now. When I had the necessary clothes, I knew I had to search a flat and I had to stay in a hotel. My first thought was to live in a habitation.
  My hotel room wasn’t the biggest one, I’ve ever had, but it was enough for me. I called my mum, actually I didn’t want to, but it was something like an obligation. »Hey mum, I’m in London. And yeah, check this out, it’s raining!« While I was giggling my Mum was crying. »I hope you do good with your new home, And you know I love you! I’m so proud of you, darling« My mum answered. We talked about the rest of my plans. Half in German and half in Portuguese. I lived in Germany for 14 years until I moved to Lisbon. See, that’s not my first time I start my life in a different country. I’m something like an ‘expert’. »Mum, I love you, but I am, erm, tired. I think I’m going to sleep a few hours.« I lied. I loved my mum, but I didn’t want to talk about my Do’s and Do not’s.

   It was Saturday and my friends and I had our special promise: «Wherever you are, however you feel. Saturday is party time!».

  «I wanna stay up all night, and jump around, until we see the sun...» Everyone was dancing, even when it wasn’t Techno or Electro-House.
  I went to the bar and ordered a Mojito. The club was full of people. Short ones, tall ones. Normal ones, crazy ones. And the embarrassing ones – the ones who dance weird dances and expel the others from the dancefloor. » Drink a beer, the cocktails are terrible!” I turned around to face the Irish accent speaking person who talked to me. Beautiful blue eyes looked at me.
  »And you know that?« I asked him a little bit flirty.
  »Yeah, I’m a normal guy who loves to party. I mean, who blames me?« He smiled cheekily. »Which beer?«  I asked him and he looked at his mobile phone. »There’s some time left, thank god.« He mumbled. »I’m Niall, I’m going to show you the places, Irish people go to.« I stood up after he did and wanted to give him the hand. But he hugged me. Are they all like this?

  We arrived at a restaurant, Nando’s, and I looked to Niall. »Are you sure?« I asked him. Because I wasn’t sure, that was really a place, where Irish went to. »No.« He laughed. »I’m just hungry.« He continued and pulled me with him. When we sat at the table I looked at the menu. Chicken, chicken, chicken. It seemed like the only thing they had was chicken. »Do ya like chicken? You look like you don’t love what you read on the menu.« Niall said. I shrugged my shoulders. »Please, don’t understand me wrong, it’s just that chicken isn’t always my favourite food. I have my moments when I can eat spinache and this stuff. But sometimes I don’t want to eat these things. Today I’m not really for chicken...« I said and looked embarrassed to the table. I could hear he was breathing out. »It doesn’t matter. Hey, wait, I want to invite you having a meal with me but I don’t know your name!« Niall said and laughed. »I’m Julia.« I said my name in the portuguese way, with a soft J. »But everyone calls me Julie.« I continued and smiled lightly. Niall smiled too and by mistake I thought how it would be if he and I... In the bed. I shook my head and apologized. I ran to the loo.

  Julie, relax. He’s just a normal boy. But a hot one. My mind echoed. I washed my face with cold water and went back to the table. “I hope you want to drink Coke.” Niall said laughing. But I knew he wished he could be somewhere else. Not here. »I’m sorry, Niall. I think it would be better if I go. I landed today and I’m tired. It was nice to meet you.« I said and tried to smile, but I failed. I liked him, I really liked him, I couldn’t leave him here, but I knew, if we would continue, everything would end in a disaster.
  I stood up and wanted to go and when I walked by at Niall I gave him a light kiss on the cheek and went. Then, suddenly, his warm hands wrapped around my right wrist. »Please stay, now I’m curious for knowing, from where you came and why you are here in London. Please.« I turned around and saw in his eyes. He was begging me and he was the first person who ever did that, just for me staying with him. »Please, sit down. Have that meal with me and tell me. I really want to know.« I sat down again and the meal came. He ordered something like a wrap, for me he ordered the same. »I know, you’re not in the “chicken-mood”, but I really want you to try. It’s Portuguese and delicious.« He grinned and showed me his braces. A little tear ran down my face and I whispered quietly »Home«. »That’s funny« I started and put on the best smile I had. »Because I am Portuguese.«

  With that sentence I got him and we talked until we’ve finished. He paid and we went to an Irish Pub. After three Guinness and some Whiskey we talked like we were old friends. »How could you come here to London when you lived in Lisbon?« Niall drank his, maybe, third glass of Whiskey and we giggled the whole time. »Why not?« I giggled. »Here, I think, it’s better to get drunk in an Irish Pub then in Portugal. The illusion has to match with the place. And to sit in an Irish Pub where everyone talks Portuguese doesn’t make sense in my head.« I talked shit. Like always, when I was drunk. But I knew myself. I could even talk shit when I wasn’t drunk. But now I had an excuse.

  When Niall finally brought me to the hotel, we had one o’clock. I was for about seven hours with a stranger. A hot stranger. My mind echoed again. I opened my room door. »Will I see you again?« He asked me, holding my hand. He stood so close to me and I could smell the alcohol in his breath. I nodded. It wasn’t really my way, to know new people. »Give me your mobile, please.« Niall said and I gave him my phone. He searched for something and when he found it he saved it in his phone.
  »I call you.« He promised, gave me my phone back and kissed me on the cheek.

  »Oh my god!« »What?« My best friend asked me on the phone. I called her after Niall left. It didn’t matter for us what time we had. She needed to hear the news and I needed help from the only one who understood how I felt. »Everything’s alright! I’m just a little bit drunk. Well, but back to the main reason why I called you. I was in this club and ordered a Mojito. And then there he was!« I felt how my hormones went wild. »Don’t ya mean ‘it’? You talked about a Mojito... But honestly, I don’t understand what’s so special about a cocktail.« She answered tired and yawned. »No! You’re right! There’s nothing special about the fucking Mojito! It’s the Irish who asked me for something like a date this night and who kissed me on my cheek before he went away! This’s special! Hello?« I asked into the telephone. It was silent on the other side of the phone. And then she screamed. »I’m still here and now I’m really awake. Tell. Me. The. Story. From A to Z. Every detail! How does he look like? Is he hot? An Irish? Oh... My Goodness. No way!« I shook my hand and giggled like a child. That was going to be a long night.


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