A life in a day

Hi, im Tommy the cat and i am tottally average until one day something big struck me..... real big.... like gigantic big........so big well you get the idea its big


1. Me me me!

Hi, im tommy andincase you you didnt see the cover then im a cat. let me tell you a bit about myself. Ok if i had to choose 3 things that i loved the most in the world then i would choose Garlic, sleeping and Lucas my owner. My biggest fear in life is Lary hes my baby kitten. Now your probbally thinking how could a boy cat have a kitten? Well your not the only ones who can you know do the thing that you do.....anyways moving of the point Lary my kitten is so annoying hes my owners girlfriends cat and shes called Lucy so please read on and well nothing else just read on.

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