5 cute boys in my head 1 in my heart

my name is Vivan. I am not only new to London but i have a new school too. I just moved from New York. I cant wait to start but its all new for me. oh and theres one more thing you should know about me my step dad beats me. everyday i come home wondering what hes going to do next....


1. my first day

hey guys before you start reading make sure you read the description. thanks hope you like it XOXO becca

Vivans P.O.V

I walked into school on the first day with a white long sleeve shirt with zebra print scarf and a pair of black skinny jeans and my purple toms. (this is what it looked like http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=64520728) I was scared as hell. I didn't know anyone and i didn't know where my classes where. And what if someone notices my scar on my neck. Then all of a sudden 5 cute guys come running up to me " you must be new" the hot black haired one said. "yeah im vivan" i said. "well im zayn thats harry louis niall and liam" zayn said. it was so weird i knew these guys from somewhere i just didnt know where. "can any of you guys tell me where mr evens room is" i said looking down at my schedule. "i have him next" the cute irish one said. i think his name was niall. "will show me where it is" i asked him putting my hand on my neck making sure no one saw my scar. Luckily my scarf was covering it. "of course i will" he said. he had the cutest Irish accent ever. not to mention he was the only Irish one in the group."so are you guys like best friends" i said trying to make conversation. "yeah that and were all in a band together called one direction" niall said. I KNEW IT!!!  I couldnt figure out where i knew them from but it got it. One Direction. my little sister loves them."oh yeah i know you guys my little sister LOVES you guys" i said with a smerk. you would never had geussed what happened next...

Hope you guys likes it comment your feedback.Thanks XOXO

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