Ok so i used to draw these comics about a girl who was easily distracted and a squirrel who constantly saved her life from a masked guy who wants to kill her. Now I suck really bad at drawing so these people and squirrel dont have mouths and neither did my art projects. (thats how i came up with the title) Im only writing these because TB said i dont have enough stuff on my movellas, so i decided to write the UNSPOKEN comics in journal entry form from Wanted's point of view.


1. I am, We are, He is

My name is...wait... I'm not sure..hmm...I guess most people call me Wanted. I don't know why though, I just see posters with my face on them and they say WANTED. Any way my story is simple..wait, no its not. If it was a simple story I wouldn't have to write this. Basically I don't talk. It's not that a won't I just can't. I live in a town called Unspoken. If you saw us you would understand why, we don't have mouths. Yes some witch thought that if people didn't have mouth they couldn't speak, therefore make humans less annoying. Even though we're all different, I'm still the person who mothers pull their children away from. Yes, i get the closed shutters and the cold shoulder. Even though everyone seems to hate me they won't even tell me what I did wrong. I seriously don't know what the heck happened. All that I do know is that there is a guy after me. I don't know who he is, why he's after me, or what he looks like. Because when he appears  he wears a mask and black clothes. Kind of like a ninja. The odd thing is he just appears at random times. Ill just be sitting there minding my own business and then POOF he emerges from the shadows. He's been doing this for months, and I don't know what he wants from me. I have nothing, seriously nothing since I can't rent an apartment or stay at a friends because I don't have any. It's just me and Sparky. Sparky is my pet squirrel whom I have known for as along as I can remember. He was the only thing I had left since my parent s left. I don't know where they went, but it never occurred them to take their only daughter. Ok back to the topic of the creepy masked man the first encounter I had with him I was 9ish and sitting in a tree sharing a bag of roasted nuts I had "borrowed" from a vendor when all of a sudden a fog horn blows to get my attention. Yelling is usually out of the question. Anyway I thought it was the police gesturing for me to stay out of the trees. After the usual pointing lecture I just climb back up. So I get out of the tree and standing only a couple steps away is Mask Man. I shrug my shoulders and put me hand up kind of like "what the heck, dude." Then he pulls out this huge knife and swung it at me missed me by only a couple centimeters and I just stood there like a deer caught in headlights. All of a sudden he yelps out in pain and drops the knife. Then I see Sparky gnawing on his ankle and would have laughed if we weren't in a life threatening situation. I clapped my hands three times wich is our signal for "come here" He abruptly obeyed and we ran to our little hideout hidden in a dark alleyway. Once we crawl through the hole in the wall we know we're safe, for it is a hole only a preschooler could climb through. Even if the adults found us they couldn't get in. That wasn't the only time Mask Man tried to kill me.



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